Arma 3

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Ace Soldier 58 minutes ago 
Make realistic drivable ships and submarines with full interior detail and pls make better water.
Jarle 12321 Jul 17 @ 5:53am 
Can you perhaps -rep my profile?
C4TBOO Jul 17 @ 4:34am 
fix your 3fps lag in explosion sound / bullet sound issue. I can play other game like the division or wildlands without lag.
🅖🅞🅥🅡🅘🅝 Jul 14 @ 5:48am 
pls optimize the game
Why don't you work on the Altis Population? Some General Civilians and Ambient Cars would be nice to see instead of a dull and dead map
Wow just 2 Static Anti Air Missle Launchers (which you can only place on Editor and not on zeus(Zeus Mode is getting Pretty castrated to be honest)), 2 Useless Radars and 1 Buggy Carrier. wow...
Twinkle Toes Jul 14 @ 12:02am 
nice naval vessels. the game just gets better at eating my RAM of my laptop xD
EsiKarkas ⌛ Jul 12 @ 2:38pm 
Make a DLC optimize Game
Winters Jul 11 @ 5:20pm 
Makes Submarine with full interior.. would be cool
[SK ●] Aeques Jul 11 @ 1:37am 
We not need arma 4 you need just uptade arma 3