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Bloodwyn May 11 @ 6:37pm 
@BG-Skech Preach it man! I was pretty let down when ArmA 3 was first announced and seeing it was a hypothetical near future setting. As far as playing an ArmA game vanilla I'd have to say ArmA 2 is my favorite overall as a result. Would have much preferred something like RHS having been the base content for 3, or maybe something like a Cold War Crises 2. I do commend them for allowing content from previous games to be ported over though, but yeah thank god for RHS, CUP, and all the other great mods allowing us to tailor the experience at least
Filler May 3 @ 11:08am 
Morrison May 1 @ 8:44pm 
@BG-Skech Never gonna happen. CEO and founder is a pacifist, and don't want anything to do with the military. He never really wanted to do a military game, it just happended because of circunstances.
BG-Skech Apr 30 @ 10:37pm 
MOST of the PLAYERS dont like futuristic CSAT stuff or WW1 or WW2 DLCs ... we are tired of soo much futuristic or old stuff in every game ! PLEASE when you start developing ARMA 4 , just PAY the licenses and bring us a military Forces and conflict zones from 1980 to 2005 ! This is what most of the hardcore players want in ARMA , the ARMA 2 feel but better with the new engine and stuff! (thanks god RHS mod exists) But will be AMAZING if the next ARMA have got this time period and most iconic locations of wars !!!
Bonwil Apr 30 @ 8:55pm 
What is the switchlight command? I was hoping it would fix the lights placed down turning back on after server restart.
Panthera283 Apr 30 @ 4:08pm 
My idea or arma3 after this update his suffering a fps drop?. i use to play between 40 -50 fps in Altis or other terrains and now barely i can play with 20-25 fps. Also i try in Altis and the dlc new map in vanilla mode and my fps drop 25 fps in Altis and the new dlc terrain 18 -20 fps
-=]ES[=- Heavy D [BOoOM] Apr 30 @ 3:08pm 
over doing it all
Matt Apolo Apr 30 @ 10:28am 
Sería grandioso si lo tradujeran al español! Además me agradaría alguna base para la fuerza aérea, no encontré ninguna en el mapa, pero lo vi por arriba.
Black0wl Apr 30 @ 7:19am 
dont add new stuff, first fix the game...