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Lorijerik May 3 @ 12:09am 
Mod simply not worth it.
Skutterbuster666 May 1 @ 5:24pm 
the launcher crashes like hell, since this or the update came out
ПчелафиГ May 1 @ 12:17pm 
Самый унылый мод в игре.
Panthera283 Apr 30 @ 2:38pm 
Could you fix this dlc and make this compatible with other mods in arma3? , this dlc look like want to be a stand alone version of Arma and really if i cant use with other community mod the price dont worth it. There is a lot of free content compatible with many mods into the community. Also the dlc is fully of bugs the same with campaign
Tomikulas1 Apr 29 @ 10:09am 
My Bratwurst is ready
Tino Apr 29 @ 10:05am 
dominicclark977 Apr 29 @ 7:30am 
W ? DLC Update In S? Fix Your Game Make New Update To Fix The Game Fix Every Thing Please Com On Developer Please Fix Game
Dream Weaver Apr 29 @ 7:17am 
What is the cost of the new DLC ?
Cmdr. Pissway Apr 29 @ 6:38am 
Can't wait until this expansion pack comes out! :steamhappy: