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Serža Jul 3 @ 10:48am 
Some players manage to overload PCs of players on the same Zeus official servers that the game crashes for all of them. Solve this already
wUFr Jun 25 @ 2:43am 
@Preisschild cant use Proton... Arma 3 on linux offers only linux version to be installed... probably since it has dedicated linux build
Prambo Jun 24 @ 1:02pm 
Only other 100 updates to come and other 20 DLCs later to make money lol
iskander3449 Jun 24 @ 12:31pm 
got kicked all time in warlord when build Fix AA missile
lostiam Jun 24 @ 12:19pm 
What no more nukes?
RiMMSKY Jun 24 @ 11:43am 
ZIV47 Jun 24 @ 11:27am 
goddam! i am kicked from punkbuster in rising storm games. i am correct in game....why me kicked!!!!
LightningLiner[FIN] Jun 24 @ 10:24am 
Arma 3:*gets Anti-Cheat update*
Me: *drives tank into a tree and the tank flies 250 meters backwards and lands on its roof* Ye thanks Bohemia.
jack_bauer_br Jun 24 @ 10:12am 
thx :steamhappy:
Zeus/Odinツ Jun 24 @ 9:50am