Arma 3

Arma 3 Contact Sandbox Trailer

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racri Jul 15 @ 10:42am 
Hyped af about this one, boyz
Rugg Jun 25 @ 8:32am 
Just make arma 4
Minipily Jun 24 @ 9:40am 
@jkaplan481 The DLC is not fully released yet, so it will not install until July 25th when it is released. In the mean time, you can go on the ArmA III Dev Branch and be able to try out some of the content there in its early stages.
米莉暗娅娜 Jun 24 @ 7:39am 
iBacon Jun 23 @ 8:45pm 
How about more engine consolidation, less frivolous content addition?
jkaplan481 Jun 23 @ 12:14pm 
hey just bought the dlc today and it says not installed and its not wanting to install any help would be nice
Raptor Jun 23 @ 12:27am 
All new map & gears are good! Keep ARMA alive!!! :csgohelmet:
C4TBOO Jun 22 @ 9:24pm 
any free trial week? I only want to know the gear & equipment.
If it same like free mod RHS or CUP then i wont buy it.
ShelLuser Jun 22 @ 8:16pm 
I pre-ordered almost the day it got out (also grabbed the other semi-official GM DLC because why not)... And I can see it now...

meh, pardon a small rant, I am waay in my weekend mood.... "The 'Weferlingen situation' escalated real quick, it seemed as if the cold war had restarted itself. Near the German border your squad is patrolling the area to see if you can assist any fugitives who are trying to leave the occupied territories. At checkpoint Altis (*grin*) you come face to face with Eastern German troops and it turns into an ugly stare down when a civilian tries to make their escape from East to West... All units have their weapons out and ready, but no one dares to fire first. Then... all of a sudden a Russian task force appears behind the Eastern German troops and you immediately realize that this situation is about to turn really ugly, really quick.... but at least the civvie is safe.."
[0-18]C.Jordan Jun 22 @ 7:44pm