Arma 3

RC Branch for Global Mobilization: Cold War Germany is now available!

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Fox Mulder Aug 15 @ 7:37am 
The opt in code is: Arma3CreatorDLCRC

I found it here:
SoulTechnology Aug 14 @ 11:15am 
i get why they didnt (yaknow, an optional 20?+ GB of content) do it. but id be nice to of seen this stuff avialble for mission makers in stock arma like the other DLC to be placed as AI assets for enemies or fluff.

ON ANOTHER NOTE: why are smaller details such as the [SPOILERS] russian CSAT stuff seen later in contact not avialble when the russian uniforms and guns are???
mikey864 Aug 13 @ 5:57pm 
Where do you find the code for this?
C T P A W H O Aug 13 @ 3:05am 
It would be better to optimize the game. And then the game is not the latest, but ♥♥♥♥s the latest computers.
piulipi Aug 11 @ 5:40pm 
FilMit Aug 11 @ 12:52pm 
Add Russian localization to Global Mobilization, and then I will buy this DLC, even despite the "numerous bugs")
Kotzaak Aug 10 @ 12:16pm 
The mod is crappy, no cold war jets nothing. Fix the game instead of releasing this crap lately. Haven't touched arma for month's because of these ♥♥♥♥♥♥ updates.
Ma-Koon Aug 10 @ 4:15am 
Warsmith Zarixx Aug 9 @ 6:13pm 
lol the salt in this comment thread mmmhhhhmmm tasty
OGGY Aug 9 @ 12:34pm