Arma 3

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Lee IV Feb 21 @ 8:15pm 
the game runs like cancer and looks like cancer
[OG] ErAs3´er Crank Jan 24 @ 5:55am 
i play this game + my moma and 3.3 milion other proud arma users
2kaka Jan 23 @ 3:51am 
who still plays this game?
(4SFG) Fastmadcow Jan 23 @ 2:41am 
I agree arma is p e r fect
Brock Sampson's Dong Jan 21 @ 12:03pm 
How much DLC do we have to buy before you guys decide the game is complete?
[OG] ErAs3´er Crank Jan 20 @ 9:49pm 
♥ : D
Strigon Jan 20 @ 9:32pm 
He's also blind to all the features that have been added thanks to those DLC.
LemonBrosGaming Jan 20 @ 9:55am 
@Jamie Coulson Oh no! A company is making legitiamate purchases! Somebody think of the children!
[OG] ErAs3´er Crank Jan 19 @ 8:44pm 
and some mods make it even bether
[OG] ErAs3´er Crank Jan 19 @ 8:44pm 
i love the models tho ♥