New Patch will be released at 9 pm PST

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Golden Curry 27 апр. 2013 в 19:59 
I see the shuriken's splash damage is gone. It used to be it'd do AoE damage where it landed that diminished the further you were from the center of the shuriken, similar to the one Elrath throws from the air, but in its own appropriate area. Where you would've done damage before now you get absolutely nothing. The splash damage was being claimed as a bug, and here it's shown as being a bug fix, but I honestly don't believe the statements claiming so, even the "official" ones. Regardless, it's a needed change because it was absolutely ridiculous before, especially with the ability to pierce a guard and land a back-attack.
DJ.Metals 25 апр. 2013 в 12:25 
Hitting at their feet still does more damage, but it does not do 100% armor and 50% hp anymore. (It does 100% armor to Elika ane Renny)
DJ.Metals 25 апр. 2013 в 12:24 
Wow, was trying Elrath in training. Her damage is actually sutable now.
TheBill420Cosby 25 апр. 2013 в 7:20 
"Elrath now the most useless character in the game."

KiruKat0 25 апр. 2013 в 6:27 
Elrath now the most useless character in the game.
Respect those who bought premium skin it.
And Elika continues to kill all 360 degrees.
Nykusu 24 апр. 2013 в 23:21 
Nice Patch Notes, a well deserved nerf for Elrath and a nice fix for Steam Canal, good job :)
nux 24 апр. 2013 в 23:18 
I think the change to Elrath is interesting. It's not a numbers nerf every one is looking for, but its also requiring Elrath players to put a little more thinking into her gameplay. Good nerf, I think it may be reduce her strength if the projectile has been slowed enough.

A little dissapointed didn't see a fix for FRenny's tornados going through walls. Next patch hopefully.