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VoxVR is a creative tool that allows you to create 3D models using cubes in virtual reality!

Creating voxel art has never been more intuitive and easier! Stand in your own artwork while creating it or edit your existing creations by importing existing voxel files (.vox, .qb, and more) to view them from a whole new perspective. This software offers artists and gamers lots of fun by providing an entertaining and easy to use VR-workspace with a professional toolset.

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We finally added your most requested feature: layers!

You can read more details about this update on our blog[].

Release 1.1.0 Changes
  • Spectator UI: Now able to hide hands and avatar
  • Spectrator UI: Now shows the framerate
  • Copy & paste regions
  • Create & edit multiple layers
  • Rotate layers
  • Added new environment: Factory
  • Added new example/default model: Skyscraper
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