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Hey guys. We are currently entered into an independent games contest over at http://www.indiepubgames.com/ . While the judges take time to figure out the grand prize winner, voting for the community favorite is underway now until the end of August.

The game with the most votes at the end of August will win $5,000! If you would like to help us out, all you have to do is register on the site and then go here: http://www.indiepubgames.com/vote.php and pick Turba!

Everyone who registers is allowed one vote for the whole period, so if you can spare a few seconds sometime in the next month, please vote for us! And while you're logged in and voting, if you want to help boost our game rating feel free to rate it here: http://www.indiepubgames.com/game/Turba

Thanks to anyone out there who actually votes for us :)
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