The Isle


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♔ annie. ♔ 18 stycznia 2017 o 7:26 
30 points / 30 minutes if your an adult velociraptor
munkydog123 14 stycznia 2017 o 11:31 
How long does it take to get to juvie from veloci?
IIPawsII 13 stycznia 2017 o 13:04 
@alexjcain02 that would be that fair lol, it doesn't take much to be a velo and go to juvi..
alexjcain02 12 stycznia 2017 o 12:01 
alexjcain02 12 stycznia 2017 o 12:01 
can carnivoires start off as a juvie t rex
Genji 10 stycznia 2017 o 19:03 
update 54 percent wish i woke up earlier
Genji 10 stycznia 2017 o 14:07 
i love this game but i have a suggestion if the get a baby there should be the same colour my dino parents didnt think was me and a raptor pack killed me
Sparta 10 stycznia 2017 o 13:21 
downloading update now cant wait to play.
Genji 10 stycznia 2017 o 13:18 
guys geuss what i finally finished my update then it starts a new just as i start up the game
GvoGuerra 10 stycznia 2017 o 11:30 
porque estou vendo isto em "atividades dos amigos" ? eu não sou amigo da produtora, isso está chato