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Update v11.1 New DLC - Tortuga 1667, and SO... MANY... IMPROVEMENTS!

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Cyanide Mar 9 @ 10:57am 
Almost a year and still no return of pixel paint. This change single handedly killed my DnD session. How come it has not been reintroduced, when so many users want it back?
BlushingBryde Mar 6 @ 2:45am 
When will you start responding to posts on your support forum? It's been NINE MONTHS and complete silence! I'm sick of particular bugs preventing me from enjoying this game and of the devs for ignoring everyone with a problem.
Lowrider93 Mar 2 @ 11:25pm 
Well thanks for finally fixing the thief, among other things, can you please now fix the problem with the index cards, when we try to edit them the text cursor doesn't match where we insert text
Tranto ツ Mar 2 @ 3:12am 
Great immprovments and all that.. but still 2 things that are kinda broken in VR:
I cant play on 100% resolution, if I do the whole game just completaly breaks and lags. And the latency in steam vr is just a red wall.

And with this update you broke VR compleatly.
The controllers dont work anymore. I cant do anything ingame.

It may just be in windows MR, but its still annoying. It worked fine yesterday (except the resolution thing)
Ace Mar 2 @ 2:36am 
Been having a weird issues where decals sometimes become translucent grey boxes (like, the decal cursor, it still stamps correctly, but for decals with transparent parts, it's hard to place the stamp correctly).
Sig Mar 1 @ 10:38pm 
Hi Devs, when is pixel paint going to be back in? best feature in the game hasn't been in for over a year and fog of war is a horrible substitute for it. :(
Not Gabe Mar 1 @ 9:12pm 
Be Cool to Have GIF support on Jigsaw puzzles
Hiram Abiff Mar 1 @ 5:17pm 
Hello Gazoxtahagen, if you haven't already, you should check out my Tarot mod which includes drawing cards at random with up or down rotation using scripting; you can draw cards based on layouts or a draw single rotated cards at a time to use in your own layout.

For almost a year now in my spare time, I have been working on creating a massive update for this mod that will absolutely overhaul it with a completely new atmosphere, UI and objects to use in your Tarot readings. If you have any suggestions for my mod, please feel free to let me know.
Knil  [developer] Mar 1 @ 5:02pm 
v11.1 Hotfix 1

Fixed search not filtering cards when terms used were in string "ARMED WITH A FLAMETHROWER" ¯\_(?)_/¯
Add Contextual Entry for Hand-Shuffle.
Fixed Grey being able to edit Notebook Tab Title.
Fixed issues with deck dealing and hands having collision issues.

Added getComponent(componentName) and getComponents() to Object.
Changed setComponentVar() from self.setComponentVar("BoxCollider", "size", {1,1,1}) to self.getComponent("BoxCollider").set("size", {1,1,1}).
Changed getComponentVar() from self.getComponentVar("BoxCollider", "size") to self.getComponent("BoxCollider").get("size").
This is to keep these calls more inline with Unity and for future additions like functions.
Gazoxtahagen Mar 1 @ 10:18am 
Speaking of shuffling and drawing, I'm still hoping to see the ability to shuffle card decks so that some cards may be drawn upside-down (for Tarot decks).