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Fixes and Improvements:
Mass Extractor Veterancy – Securing and protecting mass deposits is now vital to mid-term and long-term gameplay. Base unit cost and base Mass output has been reduced to half of the previous values. Mass Extractors will slowly increase in effectiveness as they accumulate veterancy until at 18 minutes they double their effectiveness.
All units built at Land Factories have had their visual scale reduced by 25%.
Players are now able to see the health value of enemy units.
Fix for veterancy bar not displaying properly.
Fix for Illuminate teleport ability overwriting the transport ability.
Fix for Air units not receiving their LOS buff after being built.
Fix for Pullinsmash ability remaining active when placed in a transport.
Fix for some abilities to be activated more than once if activated very quickly.
Fix for redirector not redirecting nukes if the launcher was previously destroyed.

Updated the way the neural networks train. Integrated new neural network dataset.
Improved AI’s use of transports
Fix for AI bases not realizing their extractor spots were full.
AI is now able to build on floating islands and mesas again.
Fix for AI trying to expand to areas it cannot reach.
Fix for scouting positions that were under water.
Scouts will try to avoid defenses more.
Fix for AI engineers trying to reclaim something it cannot path to.
Fixes for AI microing.
Fix for AI determining a platoon's min firing range.
Neural platoon code cleanup.
Fix for AI not building Aegis.
Fix for AI not scouting with land when it has an air factory, but no air units.
Changed the way the AI counts the number of air attack units it has.
Adjusted when the AI will build a radar in an expansion.
Changed the rate at which threat from mobile enemies decays.
AI platoons will now take threat into account again.
Added ability to adjust AI aggressiveness.

Networking Improvements:
If a player in the lobby does not have a connection to you a red ! will appear as their ping.
Adjusted max packet size to use Steam's max packet size.
Removed redundant pending connection cleanup.
If Steam reports any connection error, other than timeout, we will close the connection and log it. If the reported error is a timeout we log it and ignore it. Networking will handle the timeout at this point.
Fix to the connection adaptor when it transitions to a resting state.
Ranked matches that desync will now immediately end and be counted as a disconnect.
It will now cause the game to desync if a player modifies memory to give them free research items.
Army research data is now part of the sim checksum.
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