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For those with robes ready.

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The official Magicka Group, where wizards of all colors may join in duels of words and share their wisdom...

If you liked this game, we would gladly accept you into our Paradox family! We are a nice bunch, and we hope to see you on our official forums![] Maybe you will find another game of ours that would be to your liking if you pay us a visit?

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Thank you for all the feedback and reactions to our previous update to Magicka.
As some of you had some issue with the update, we’ve put another patch live that should combat most of the issues that have been reported.

Magicka build
  • fix to progression blocker in chapter 9
  • fix to local multiplayer
  • fix to PVP hot join
  • fixed crash when switching steam accounts
  • fix to Spanish language crash on challenge mode

We’ve also added a GDPR popup and some changes related to GDPR
  • Allow Privacy Policy to be read from in game menu
  • Allow Privacy Policy and Terms of Use to be read from Paradox Account Menu
  • Changes to account creation screen
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