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Dungeon Defenders - Out October 19, 2011

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An ancient evil has been unleashed on the land of Etheria and it’s up to you to defend it in this tower defense co-op action RPG! Create your own hero from one of four distinct classes. Plan your defenses and fight through wave upon wave of enemies in an epic loot fest as you forge equipment, customize & level your character, collect pets and more! Take your hero through multiple difficulty modes and challenge/survival missions to earn more experience & even better treasure. To top it off, you can do all of this with up to 4 friends on the same PC (splitscreen!!!) or online!

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Dungeon Defenders Facebook Page
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  • NEW - Arcane Library - New map with a new acc as a reward.
  • NEWish - CD Resurgence Part 1, 2 and 3 - Each map has a boss with updated rewards from Mistymire, Moraggo and Aquanos.
  • Tavern - while the tavern is not new, the outside has been removed along with the outside portal and other effects to help improve load times
Note: The Crystalline Maps still require the DLC and the maps unlocked in order.

Quality of Life Changes
  • Loot table added to show the number of drops of each quality on the ground. Use Shift to see along side the map of a level. It also works in the tavern.
  • Move tavern items in Overlord mode
  • Added Host Ready Up override - CTRL G
  • Add MU to HUD under DU
  • New Tower DPS calculation shown at the bottom of tower info.
  • Enemy spawn billboards on the map will toggle on/off when toggling them with O on the minimap
  • Added CD to map list so the Portal isnt required
  • Increased AFK shop price limit to 1 trillion.
  • Circular Slice can be activated in the air
  • Lock tavern item drops/pickups by default.
  • Detonate Traps will now open presents in the tavern to help test towers
  • Add page of items in inventory to trade - CTRL T
  • CTRL drag to move an entire page of items
  • Hide green dot item overlay
  • Jester “move tower” ability should cycle through overlapping towers
  • Players should automatically drop mana when being kicked
  • Updated mask sockets to make some accs fit chars better
  • Hardcore option should be remembered across sessions now
  • Added lightning towers to dynamic lighting toggle under options
  • Damage number 4 has been updated so it doesn't look similar to the 9
  • Added forges to assault maps
  • Dont wait on receiving stats to be able to go to next level
  • Flash jeal and all wheel patterns (except kill %) now work on tavern dummy
  • Presents never drop junk items in tavern
  • Increase mana token limit to 1T
  • Slow ogre fix - if only ogres are left at the end of a wave and the map is empty
  • Temple of Water frame rate improvements for low/medium graphics
  • Potential frame rate improvements on many maps

Balance Changes
  • Lightning tower boss damage reduced by 50%.
  • Buffed ToL accs and Pirate Patch to match Santa accs
  • Santa Spectacles have been added as a winter face acc to Winter
  • Wonderland and Silent Night
  • Dice pet added to King’s Game survival
  • East core Randomly dies on Temple of water
  • Orcs/Ogres should not move when in “hold defensive”
  • Buffed several pets to roll ultimate more often (Monkey, Parrot, Ember Pony, Fenix)
  • Warrior Minion Revamp - cannot be targeted by or collide with enemies, damage scaling increased, unaffected by buff beam, loses health when it attacks
  • Guardians no longer try to boost towers that they cannot affect

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed - Tower/Hero boost should always use highest boost now
  • Fixed - Items get stuck behind spawns. You can now pick up items from further away or use
  • Summoner’s Overlord mode to pick up items during build phase only
  • Fixed - Jim Darkmagic and Demoness speed advantage. The value to give them the extra speed was being overwritten
  • Fixed - Two actors getting stuck and unable to move
  • Fixed - Updated Mana token mesh and minimap icon which previously showed as an egg
  • Fixed - Only host can change song on juke box
  • Fixed - ESTs attacking players in certain scenarios
  • Fixed - Trap no longer shows up in the light beams from the ceiling in Temple of Water
  • Fixed - Spiders showed wrong range value when inspected
  • Fixed - Hardcore always should always be displayed on the client when selected by the host
  • Fixed - Water surface in Temple of Water should not block aiming now
  • Fixed - Gun jamming bug
  • Fixed - Monky/Parrot should no longer try to shoot an enemy through a wall
  • Fixed - Game Setup UI would randomly freeze
  • Fixed - Mana failing through center of map in Aquanos
  • Fixed - Spider web on Huntress Santa’s little helper costume was very and not properly scaled
  • Fixed - Salem Event Cat range was capped at 90
  • Fixed - Weapon stacking bug
  • Fixed - Prevent Phoenix from getting stuck
  • Fixed - CD portal didnt update when difficulty was changed
  • Fixed - Stuck mobs on Moonbase survival
  • Fixed - Temple of Water pathing on the North side
  • Fixed - Shift click and CTRL click should work with pets that have stored mana
  • Fixed - Reflect beams should now update the kills value
  • Fixed - Hovering triggered Old One platform glitch
  • Fixed - Spiders should not get stuck if their target is unreachable
  • Fixed - Fairy healing displays correctly now
  • Fixed - Unintended attack rate reduction on Ember Flame
  • Fixed - Orgres spawning after Polybius challenge is complete
  • Fixed - Soft lock bug (waves that never end after enemies run out forcing restart)
  • Fixed - Players dying if they hover during teleports on Polybius /events maps
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