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Hello everyone,

As some of you may have noticed, we have updated the names of the two versions of COH1 that coexist on Steam - to both of which you should all have access to:

Going forward, the "Company of Heroes" app is the one you should use if you want to play online and enjoy the Steam Workshop maps. Store pages descriptions were also tweaked accordingly for clarity - but it took us a couple of days. Sorry about that. Try clearing your browser cache if you don't see them now, however.

We did not want to remove the Legacy Edition altogether because:
  • some of you guys are still playing it, for various reasons (including old mods)
  • COH1 total conversion pages are tied to it in the Steam back-end, and we can't change that
  • most of the reviews for COH1 are tied to it in the Steam back-end, and we can't change that / transfer them to the newest app
Obviously, anyone buying the Legacy Edition still automatically gets access to the latest version of the game as well in their library ("Company of Heroes", formerly "New Steam Version")! Sorry for the late post in this Community Hub; the last couple of weeks were a bit busy.

See you on the battlefield.
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