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Celestial Command

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Gryphon Apr 18 @ 1:17pm 
There are no businesses that do not experience failure, none.
Artaani  [developer] Apr 13 @ 4:38am 
From this point of view, yes, it may have a sense. But this is not critical failure. Development Is continuing.
Azirahael Apr 13 @ 2:41am 
Not meaning to be mean here, but if you can't keep the lights on with sales of your product, and have to resort to Patreon, someone has failed.
The business leader or sales rep, for two.

Doesn't mean it's not a good product, or that people are not working super hard.
But that is a business failure.
Artaani  [developer] Apr 11 @ 2:37pm 
Thanks, glad you like the concept. Indeed, currently the game have some huge game design flaws, we realize that and we are going to solve that in the next update. You may revisit the game after the next update, maybe you will like it much more.

You are not forced to pay more. Supporting on Patreon is completely on volunteer basis. When the game will be completed, you will receive a full game without any extra payments as everyone else.

About pet drones. Drones are non functional, it is just a little decoration element as a gift for these who decided to support us on Patreon. It does not seems that such feature is important for the game.
laftur Apr 11 @ 12:24pm 
I love your game concept, but I don't think it has been worth my money so far. To pay even more is completely out of the question. The game is not currently stable enough to play for very long. Also, drone friends only for patreon supporters? Before this article, I would expect something like that to be part of the completed game. You know, the one I already paid for? Again, your game is very fun, but it's far from being worth a recurring payment. I honestly feel a little insulted.
Artaani  [developer] Apr 11 @ 4:34am 
Azirahael, we are not failed.

The game in very active development right now and the next update will put the game on the new level of quality.
Azirahael Apr 10 @ 11:52pm 
Oh dear.
Sorry to hear that you failed.
Artaani  [developer] Apr 10 @ 6:03pm 
Maybe it is a good idea, thanks for the suggestion : )
Gryphon Apr 10 @ 2:14pm 
They dont like people just posting adverts for games, but Im sure you could find a thread or two where if you mentioned that you were the developer of Celestial Command, you could get a good conversation or three going, that'd be totally fine. Stick a facebook link in your sig ;)
Gryphon Apr 10 @ 2:12pm 
told some guys about the game over at the Kerbal Space Program forums, think you got a couple extra sales.

You should check out the KSP forum though, theres a lot of your target demographic that hang out there :)