Blackwake Alpha V1.0.0 release - Capture the Booty!

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IRIZAR2 [ITA] May 21 @ 6:35am 
help me, how to i enter in this mode
LEEROY JENKINS May 7 @ 8:18pm 
when you're really into a game and then you realise you're poor :,(
Marcus Suridius May 5 @ 5:45am 
Look at my profile Sparky, its not hidden. I have loads of Alpha games and ones bad like DayZ which hasn't seen much progress in years but its playable.

This game has been broken (by the devs) twice and since the last break when this update came out there has been no updates to the game in the past 7 days which is pathetic.

They know people can't play but sure seems like they are on holidays because no work is being done.

Alpha is about testing a work in progress, I know what the F its about. Difference is, this is going backwards. They release a new game mode which broke the game for hundreds of people which is incompetance on their part.

If a Dev continues to break a game, it doesn't matter what its classed as (Alpha, Beta or Released). If we can't play it we should be offered a refund. Considering we pay to test, its been ages and I can't test and Devs have done nothing to fix it.

Check Steam DB - No game updates in 8 days
Sparky The Wolf May 4 @ 1:24pm 
Anyway, that set of messages aside.
I love this game and will definitely be jumping back on to check out the new game mode as I have not had the chance yet.

@Mastfire Studios Keep up the good work, I can't wait for this game to be fully fleshed-out and completed. Trying to get my friends to buy it too!
Sparky The Wolf May 4 @ 1:17pm 
@Marcus Suridius oh and also, if you're not willing to play buggy games, then don't buy them when they are in EARLY ACCESS Alpha... Think about it logically and use your brain before you complain.
Sparky The Wolf May 4 @ 1:15pm 
@Marcus Suridius actually, if a game is in Alpha and they declare the game as EARLY ACCESS, then they do not have to give you a refund.
It even states that the game is incomplete and that changes will be made.
If the game was completed and they made a change that prevented you from playing it, even then they would try to fix it before trying anything else. Only if they cannot fix the issue that prevents you from playing on a COMPLETED game, they will give you a refund.

So don't whine about a game that is in EARLY ACCESS Alpha, because the whole point of an Alpha release is to see how well the game works and to find out what the general public wants to have added or changed. Once they fix all the major issues they can release the game fully.
Marcus Suridius May 3 @ 8:35am 
@Toxic It doesn't matter if its an Alpha, Beta or released game. If the Devs make changes that break the game then yeh you should be given a refund.

This is the second time in a few months they have made changes which in turn means loads of players can't get online.
Daniel May 2 @ 1:24pm 
Nice, trying to cash in on Sea of Thieves.
Still a fun game though.
☠|Toxic|☣ May 2 @ 9:05am 
@Marcus Suridius are you seriously whining about wanting a refund in ALPHA V1 ??
Marcus Suridius Apr 27 @ 7:48am 
Take out this game mode cause its causing all these connection problems, so many people complaining about connection problems that only have the issues since this update came out.

Bloody annoying, I haven't been able to play and its very annoying. Id refund till its fixed but I cant.