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Welcome to AirMech! You'll often find people in Group Chat if you need help, and we also post annoucements when there are special events like Double XP or Drops.

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Big balance and bugfix patch! Along with the ongoing improvements below, initial features are in place for running our automated tournaments, and testing will begin this week. In fact, we have already run a few small tests, logged bugs, and will be making smaller incremental patches that focus on getting this brand new system working well.

  • remove blast damage from Helix Rockets in Strike
  • adding welcome panel back to lobby
  • Adding red void tracer effects
  • adding Void Eagle nanoforge formula
  • Improved Chinese localizations
  • fix some cases where part gambling might not return an item
  • reworking Helix homing missile fire in air (was stacking too many missiles)
  • hide seller name in player market items unless focused
  • Updating DeepSea Osprey description text
  • update helix rocket blast damages
  • don't draw fortress line state (area restriction) when in free camera mode
  • Display sg banned message if you're in a group and get banned (AM-10576)
  • Color tweaks to VoidTracers and adding gameTime to stop anims in pause
  • adding RocketsLifespan setting for helix
  • Adding purple, green and blue versions of void tracers
  • adding airmech dmg -> airmech ground/air mult dps scalars
  • Adding "noScrap" flag to PetTawnyEagle and VoidEagle, as part of changes for AM-10581
  • Added dialog box message for when you're sg banned and try to create/join a group (AM-10577)
  • Add promos for void tracers
  • Add permanent sg ban message (AM-10577)
  • Add option to disable mention sound (AM-10617)
  • Add right click on market item to list all of that type
  • Add a list on the side of sell UI that shows current prices of item on market (AM-10573)
  • Moved rank/season numbers into actual leaderboards ui
  • Hide rank info when in "Faction Rank Wins"
  • Tweak "Faction Rank Wins" tab width in rankings menu
  • Remove "Hammer Throw Enabled" text from ABHammerThrow ability tool tip (AM-10318)
  • Additional cleanup of Ability tool tip text (Google translate non-sense)
  • reenable game balance sheet parsing in AMS

  • Gangster HP decreased from 1600 to 1375
  • Gangster upkeep increased from 1 to 2
  • clean warthogs' dmg increase at range ranges, since they will cause extra work for no effect now
  • set AirMechGndMultDPS to 1.15 for all mechs except for warthog, which is still just 1.0
  • buffer paladin hammer base damage 60->80 to compensate for fixing [type]MultDPS application
  • buff missile homing damage (50->100) to make up for fire count change (max charge of 1 projectile)
  • adjust base helix fire rate periods for missiles
  • 1 -> 1.2 s for grenades, 0.666 -> 0.75s for rockets
  • council balance update of: RocketsDamage = 142.5, 71.25, 47.5, 35.625, 28.5
  • reworking Helix ground rockets damage formula to be more consistent with damage output prior to autofire changes
  • reduce helix ground rockets range
  • equal to Bomber Mantis strike now
  • helix guided missile buf
  • +25% base damage, +18% missile speed, with the same range
  • make warthog and neo melee attack damage subject to target MultDPS modifiers
  • buff warthog and neo melee to compensate for MultDPS against units (so the effective damage should be the same)
  • buff striker and bomber melee to compensate for MultDPS against units (so the effective damage should be the same as it was before)
  • give warthog it's own melee projectile type to differentiate from a2g for stats and target calculation checks

  • Set "TournamentMasterRefresh" symbol when tournament list is shown (AM-10596)
  • Hide "BracketsButton" when the daily rewards menu is loaded
  • Fix wrong map being selected if you lose/quit out of a practice map
  • Fix up display of qualifying/round start and end times in tournament list ui
  • Fix spectator tournament title/subtitle getting cut off (AM-10583)
  • Fix up display of countdown timer in spectator lobby (AM-10583)
  • Fix right click on shop items (AM-10645)
  • Fix overlapping mode labels in lobby (AM-10641)
  • Fix mode when changing custom room from 1v1/3v3 to 2v2(AM-10643)
  • Fix "LobbyMenuReady" menu position for spectator lobby (AM-10584)
  • Fix reclaimable body destruction piece for Gangster/Jackal (AM-10595)
  • Fix horns on Blue Skull pet (AM-10619)
  • Fix crash when deploying a unit without a fort/outpost (AM-10193)
  • Update display of rank to show 1v1/2v2 based on what rankings tab you're in
  • Fixup naming of Bomber Variants set
  • fix target damage scaling for Airmech ability damage output (Mantis Strike, Bombs, Power Sword, Bomber Melee)
  • fix so 'show tooltips in game' option won't also turn off tooltips in the menus
  • fix damage scaling to target for Paladin Hammer
  • fix damage scaling against units for Saucer Deathray
  • fix damage scaling against units/forts/outposts for Helix missiles and rockets
  • Open the simple group if you kick a player while in a ranked 2v2 lobby (AM-10625)
  • Quit out of a simple group if you kick a player or an invite is declined while in the limbo state
  • Fix "BikeSideCar" tire z-spin (AM-10547)
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