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Welcome to AirMech! You'll often find people in Group Chat if you need help, and we also post annoucements when there are special events like Double XP or Drops.

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Balance, bugfixes and a few new skulls. There are some larger Strike features in development, including a rework to the team queuing systems and being in game together while looking for a group. Some of those changes were available for preview in the last few Canary builds, but need significantly more work, so for this update they are disabled while we work out the bugs.

  • Make faction discord links clickable
  • Adding Void Skull
  • Adding Prismatic Skull
  • Adding Black Diamond Skull
  • Adding Black Diamond Dice Pet
  • Adding Book Recipe Icon
  • Adding Helmet Recipe Icon
  • Update surrender timer clock: 20s -> 10s
  • Add new VIP Shop Ticket icon
  • Add support for fuel consumption on usage of Helix grenades ability and guided airmode missiles
  • Add support for energy use on Blade Guardian hits
  • Add info tab log on crate open events
  • Add hp and energy drain back to Osprey on it's drain beam ability usage
  • Add counts to market items, automatic listing for things with multiples

  • Don't issue blade guardian damage if AirMech doesn't have enough energy for the hit
  • Don't allow Angel's sniper stasis ability to charge up more than 1 shot
  • Jumper HP decreased from 300 to 225
  • Jumper armor decreased from 35 to 25
  • Gorgon attack range decreased from 22 to 17
  • Bomber melee armor piercing increased from 30 to 50
  • AirMech Boost energy use increased from 1.0 to 2.5
  • AirMech Boost cooldown increased from 0.21 to 0.42

  • Update "LobbyTransformPanel" position if in a 3v3 custom lobby
  • Fix version number size when language set to Chinese
  • Fix rarity color for mini inspect dialog
  • Fix player status bars not showing up in game
  • Fix name when inspecting a bundle item
  • Fix custom game ready/start
  • Fix "LobbyTransformPanel" RTT in practice lobby mode
  • Clear "try on" head when changing team colors
  • Some layout fixes for faction chat ui
  • Potential fix for stuck unit recycling state
  • Fix material for "Beta Bomber"
  • Fix display on minimap of neutral outposts to be grey
  • Fix discord link display in faction ui
  • Fix collision on some mountain tiles
  • Add Fall Crate to Crates Inventory Set
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