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DEVLOG #6: Big F** Patch alert!

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Prozender Jul 11 @ 2:47am 
Can you clarify- since before bigpatch those three are unlocked at first but you have to choose one and then the others get locked...
Are you saying the other two are still unlocked even if you don't choose them? And then you get 1 more u lock of choice via hero soul?
Sasha_JP  [developer] Jul 10 @ 11:50pm 
@hypnos when entering the game, you will have Anya, Kingewitch and Istok unlocked, as well as a Hero soul available at in your forge.

@Ihab we implemented CO-OP in patch 0.2.0. back in May 2019! Grab your friends and jump right in.
Ihab Jul 10 @ 1:19am 
Online Multiplayer is still not available ? I want to play the game with friends.
Hypnos Jul 9 @ 5:16pm 
Hey, so I just wanna make sure, we will lose everything, including unlocked heroes, expect for the pets I'm assuming?
Rogerio Jul 9 @ 2:06pm 
It worries me that they cannot do a database link with the new stuff. I bought this but now will not bother playing until out of EA as I have a feeling they will do these resets and wipes often.
Nothing wrong with it, but should come forward and let people know that these things will happen so they can play knowing full well its all going to wipe in the future.
ffrotty Jul 8 @ 8:41pm 
@GrimReaper it is nothing at all like D3 or POE leagues because you don't LOSE your previous work, you go to a different league. HERP DERP. This is admitting that this game is still in Beta and "lol we will wipe before live."

Hilarious, and, I could totally tell that something like this was going to happen which is why I didn't bother playing this at all. Fail.

This is a warning to not touch this until out of early access.
MadMike0082 Jul 8 @ 7:19pm 
im so excited , any info on when this first big patch drops exactly ? Its next week now :summer2019city:
GrimReaper Jul 8 @ 5:54pm 
About the reset/wipe, just think of it as a start of a new season like in diablo 3 or new league like in path of exile. With the big difference in gameplay (at least their description) it make sense.
Noxah Jul 8 @ 4:47pm 
I seriously want a refund. This is bull. I would not have purchased this game.
pablomatias986 Jul 8 @ 4:00pm 
alguien me puede decir por que cuando termino el tutotial me vuelve a la pantalla de inicio no me deja seguir con el juego