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LGM Community Guy  [developer] Mar 18 @ 2:38am 
@ReaperLord, seeing how Elon Musk and SpaceX want to land on Mars as soon as possible, it's not impossible! :)

Gameplay video will be released soon. Stay tuned!
ReaperLord Mar 18 @ 2:13am 
A manned Mars landing by 2030?

That seems a bit hopeful.

Also, will there be a gameplay reveal in upcoming announcements?
LGM Community Guy  [developer] Mar 18 @ 1:54am 
We are looking for good Spanish and Portuguese translators and voice actors who are familiar with Sci-Fi, but we cannot promise anything just yet. If you are interested in helping us with language localization for SPG3 or know somebody who is, don't hesitate to contact us.
MasKarado BR Mar 17 @ 6:27pm 
language spanish or portuguese?
LGM Community Guy  [developer] Mar 15 @ 8:59am 
Hi Thenetor47! You might be interested to hear that A'Shriari will have an important role in the story in Starpoint Gemini 3. We can't tell you much right now, but we will release more details about the story soon!
mmihokovic - SPG3 Arrival  [developer] Mar 15 @ 8:57am 
Friendly? Like taking them to a beer or something? Nope. In Warlords A'Shriari are new element in Gemini, and still don't have any long term relations with human factions, except everybody is fearful of them. In SPG3, years after these events, humans will realize aliens aren't all devil and flame...
ZeroAffex Mar 15 @ 8:56am 
This was one of my favorite post from you guys, LOVE IT. The lore for your games has always been my favorite aspect I think, it's truly awesome. I started out with SPG2 back in 2015 and then Warlords but already it's so cool to see how much your team has grown at LGM. You have no idea how excited I am for SPG3!! Keep up the good work! PS: Hi Zeno! :lunar2019wavingpig:
Thenetor47[FR] Mar 15 @ 8:29am 
is here a way to make the A'Shiari friendly to the Solari Concord in SG:W?