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It wasn't previously scheduled, but we're pushing another smaller update today! Why? Because it's Monday and, unlike most of the world, we love Mondays :) .

But seriously - last major Update was released a couple of days ago, and we did have some more improvements almost ready, but delayed it until we test a few more details. Now, since next Roadmap update (5th in line) includes changes to storyline, and finally few more parts of the storyline missions, we will probably have slightly longer pause until that update. And improvements in today's upgrade concerns gameplay and HUD corrections, so there is no sense in keeping that away from you until next update.

Anyways, list is not large this time, but everything should be neat and useful:

  • ADDED: New jump visual effect when travelling via Nav Buoys
  • ADDED: HUD notification when using equipment items
  • ADDED: HUD now displays numbers on each equipped item showing how many are left
  • ADDED: Shortcut hint for equipments on controller
  • ADDED: New crosshair with live info on energy status and consumption
  • ADDED: Animated VFX in crosshair showing when a target is close and in range for firing
  • ADDED: New target lock - first iteration
  • FIXED: several Starchart errors and missing info
  • FIXED: Death screen will not crash the game anymore in any situation

That's all regarding important elements of this update. There are also some small optimizations and tweaks, but no need to push all that to the list this time.

We'd also like to remind you, fellow space enthusiasts, once again that price of game will be increased at the end of January, first time in Early Access, so anyone considering diving into our creation still has a few days to make use of lowest possible price.

In the end, a little taste of next major Roadmap update - that one will touch narrative side of the game on several levels. Existing storyline missions will get some changes and updates, and game story will progress several missions ahead, first time since release of Early Access.

Hope you find our little news today a good one to start the week with :)


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