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Hello everyone!

Just before Christmas, we've completed another round of improvements and additions. Version 1.200 finally allows your capital ships to have autofire mode and properly use their firepower. This autofire system will always use rear and side weapon turrets, as these are hardest for players to use personally due to capital ship slow turning momentum. Now they will automatically engage any enemy within firing range and arc ( if he is not in front of you).

We've also eliminated several frequent bugs you've reported, and tweaked stations trade inventories to make collect missions and crafting more accessible.
With that said, we're proceeding to further tasks, and to all of you we extend best wishes for the upcoming Holidays. Stay safe and celebrate as much as possible in these circumstances of the Year 2020. !

Full changelog for this update is here:

  • ADDED: Automated fire with capital ships, using rear and side weapon turrets automatically
  • ADDED: New „Collect“ barman quest added on numerous stations
  • ADDED: While using controller and fighting capital ships, autotarget will aim for closest available weakpoint on capital ship
  • UPDATED: Numerous stations now sell additional items so it is easier to gather ingredients for barman missions and crafting system
  • UPDATED: When approaching the planet in cruise speed, cruise will disengage in close proximity to the planet
  • UPDATED: New visual effect when player is too close to planet
  • FIXED: Bug with looping cruise engine sound eliminated
  • FIXED: Bug with appearing timer countdown while fighting near stations eliminated
  • FIXED: Extracting beams, while in cockpit mode, now looks visually as intended
  • FIXED: Critical system failure achievement now works correctly
  • FIXED: Bug with blueprint loop, if performing Nav Buoy jumps near blueprints is resolved

Fly safe and stay safe!
LGM Games
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