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In preparation of the (slowly) approaching Level 5, containing new monsters, abilities and environmental effects, some improvements are being done to accommodate the new concepts and ideas - including none-damaging range-based weapons (abilities) that impact a targeted Operators sanity and mental resolve. During testing of these I found the Terror Impact to be in need of improvements. The perhaps most important change regarding this area introduced in this update is that Willpower has received a dramatic increase in importance of ones resolve and team-mate proximity buff has been reduced to a quarter (1/4) of the original level and can be further reduced to a comparable 1/20th of the original impact when a teammate is not in Line Of Sight anymore (but within range to give some buff).

This balances things up a bit and removes the huge difference if the full 3-man squad stays together or not - or if one or two Operator(s) is downed or killed. To help out with exposing the impact of Terror and the Operators Defense against it, new stats-slots have been added to both the Team UI and the Character Overview UI for this.

One important aspect remains and that is to rebalance all Monsters Terror-values. Hopefully no huge reworks are needed, but please report any seemingly imbalanced scenarios you find during gameplay.

Other addition is a Quality of Life improvement in making sure quick-keys for all Orders are added, gathered around the default WASD/QE/ZX key-setting. All the quick-keys can be edited in the launch-dialog, but here is their default values:

  • Reload Weapon Order -- R
  • Look Order -- T
  • Interact Order -- Y
  • Special Ability Order -- U
  • Overwatch Order -- F
  • Attack using Mode 1 -- G / 1
  • Attack using Mode 2 -- H / 2
  • Attack using Mode 3 -- J / 2

This will drastically reduce the reliance on clicking on icons in the UI and will speed up gameplay. Note that since before SPACE clears all orders for an Operator, Enter/Return launches Action Phase and Tab-key toggles between Operators.

Full changelog

* Added quick-keys for all Orders
* Added Snake and Snake Small
* Added FlyingEye Hypno
* Added support for stacking multiple AppliedEffects of the same kind
* Added support for hooking up special handling for hits per weapons projectile
* Added new Hypno AppliedEffect
* Added TerrorDefense and TerrorObserved info to Team Overview and Character Overview
* Increased Troll and Golem textures from 2K to 4K resolution
* Adjusted Terror-impact calculations, both to fix bug regarding teammate support impact and to increase impact when Willpower is reduced
* Adjusted Willpower impact of Shaken (-2 to -1), Frightened (-4 to -2) and Paniced (-8 to -4)
* Adjusted Healthbar placement for Spider and Spider Small, Fishman and Bomberbug
* Adjust AppliedEffect height for Mushrooms, Plants, Spiders, Fishman and Bomberbug
* Adjusted so selecting an Operator with Tab-key now centers the camera on it
* Adjusted ammobar for weapons so a spent cartridge can easily be tracked by a dark cut-out
* Fixed walk animation for Spider Small
* Fixed Outline issue for Troll
* Fixed penetration-adjustment versus Downed or Dead Units for special (>0.85 pen) projectiles
* Fixed issue where hovering both an Actor and an Operator didn't allow for selecting the Operator on click
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