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We have a big update in terms of content today! A lot of combat encounters, several new enemy types, multiple new hero cards, and so much more!

New Content
  • NEW Story chapters 17 & 18.
  • Added 16 story combat encounters.
  • New Enemy: Giant Scorpions.
  • New Enemy: Desert Slavers.
  • New Enemy: Lizardfolk.
  • New Enemy: Living Armors.
  • 2 New Story Bosses.
  • Added 3 Kadmus cards.
  • Added 4 Rei cards.
  • Added 8 Raze cards. He now has 20 in total.
  • New animated cutscenes.
  • More card artworks.
  • Improved UI buttons.

Gameplay Changes
  • Removed exploit for taunting enemies. Players would Taunt an enemy and then move the Taunter to an unreachable location, making the taunted enemy unable to do anything.
  • Changed level scaling curves for Health, Physical Power, and Magical Power. As a result, secondary stat numbers should be a bit lower now.
  • Kadmus's Basic Attack now scales from both PP and MP.
  • Reworked most of Raze's damage cards.
  • Changed how "Missing Health as Damage" is calculated.
  • Armor and Resistance now correctly scales to VIT.
  • Added multiple enemy skill cards.
  • Added new hero passives.
  • Added boss enemy passives.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed several gamepad control issues.
  • Fixed issue with music volume not changing.
  • Fixed an issue where some ranged cards had square targeting.
  • Fixed a bug where some units have swapped stats when loading an old save.
  • Fixed a bug where discarding a card sometimes doesn't send it to the correct pile.
  • Edited collision volumes for several maps.
  • Some texture optimizations.
  • Optimized some clothing animations such as capes.
  • Fixed a bug where occupied tile is highlighted when selecting landing tile.
  • Fixed card description's displayed numbers.
  • Changed the deck rename UI.
  • Fixed ragdoll issues for certain enemies.
  • Fixed some typos in keyword descriptions.
  • Several other small fixes.

NOTE: We recently updated the engine version we're using due to technical requirements on some platforms. If you experience any weird issues both graphical and gameplay-wise, please don't hesitate to report it to us.

Thanks for reading!

- Justin V.
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