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[Dev Blog] Backstory - The Misty Forest

Greetings, Captains!

There are five distinct dungeons in the world of MISTOVER. As you explore each dungeon, you will find each region has its unique characteristics.

In the Misty Forest, you will see a desolate forest full of dead trees and the Great Worm, the ruler of the forest. While the Cathedral Ruins is a devastated cathedral where the Great Koschei awaits you. These unique objects, backgrounds, and monsters have their own story behind them!

Then, let’s find out what stories lie behind the Misty Forest which you’ll meet at the very first of your adventure.

The Misty Forest
All the disasters came to birth from the Misty Forest. The forest appeared with a Vortex nearby the Kingdom of Arta, all of a sudden.

The forest which came from a different world was full of horrifying creatures. Many expedition crews ventured into the forest to uncover the mystery of the forest, but most of them lost their lives by the monsters raiding out of the dark mist.

Burned trees, corpses and bones… Does it give you an eerie feeling?

A lot of dead bodies in the Execution Ground.

Monsters of the Misty Forest
Great Worm

The Great Worm which controls the Misty Forest can move quickly under the ground and ambush its quarries.

This hideous creature was once a guardian of the forest who loved and took care of the woods. But, one day, the Mist appeared and started to destroy the woods. The Great Worm was unable to withstand great rage and grief as he watched the forest being devastated. He eventually went mad and degenerated to become the horrific creature of the present.

As the monster likes to travel underground, he used to lurk in ambush to attack prey. Also, he continuously creates Larva to attack enemies, so it’s important to get rid of the Larva nests quickly.

Swamp Worm

Swamp Worms which reflect damage and poison your corps crew all the time, are the developments of the Great Worm’s Larva.

They usually raid their prey in groups and have acid saliva and blood. That’s why you can get damaged by their blood splattered and suffer from poisoning when you attack them.


When Swamp Worms feed on dead human bodies, they transform into human-shaped monsters, Ghoul. They possess the ability to freely transform their bodies, so they can even attack enemies far away.

Rotten Beetle

They’re beetles infected by Swamp Worms. At the dictation of the Great Worm, they protect Swamp Worms and the Great Worm’s powers with their hard shells.


Mashus are parasitic fungus. They spread their spores to heal friendly forces or to infect and weaken enemies. The spores spewed by them make the forest even more gloomy along with the Mist.

Most of the monsters in the Misty Forest are created or controlled by the Great Worm. But some of you might still be curious about the other monsters you met in the forest. They are evil creatures, so-called Followers. We’ll talk more about these monsters in the next post!

You now know how the present Misty forest has been made, and where all the monsters came from. Good job if you have successfully defeated the Great Worm, one of the major destroyers!
When you visit the forest after learning all the backstories, you’ll discover something new that you didn’t notice in the past or couldn’t have noticed!

Good Luck Surviving!
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