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Dear horse friends,

With this update the riding and the exploring of the game world around the Kaltenbach estate becomes even more exciting! These following new features await you:

Revised main missions:
We’ve made some changes to the 15 main missions that include many updates to cutscenes, sounds, and the animations! If you decide to play the main missions again, you will find some new and interesting things!

Save mission progress:
We’ve updated the save system to save your game at intermediary points during missions! This means you can now stop mid-mission and not lose your progress!

Revised animations for Ari:
Based on your feedback (thanks!) we’ve updated Ari’s animations to look and feel more natural when walking, running, and jumping!

Revised and new animation for Windstorm:
We added some new animations for Windstorm that mean he will now start grazing if left idle or will now look at you if you move nearby.

Improved riding:
We’ve made some changes that help Windstorm avoid getting stuck. Additionally, Windstorm has gained more confidence when jumping and should be able to jump more smoothly and fluidly. For especially good jumps, you’ll now also get a bonus to Windstorm’s stamina, which allows you to sprint even longer with him.

Feeding Windstorm:
We thought Windstorm was looking a little hungry, so we now allow you to shoot apples from trees with the bow and feed them to Windstorm. This will reward you with a bonus to Windstorm’s stamina!

Improved archery:
We’ve improved the archery for our friends playing with a gamepad; you’ll now see a targeting aid to help make your shots land true! This is entirely optional, and if you prefer a more challenging experience you also have the option to disable it in the settings. We’ve also adjusted our controls so archery can now be operated with just one button (which can also be adjusted in the settings).

Dr. Magma:
We’d like to introduce you to Dr. Magma, a completely new character with new tasks for you to complete! Keep an eye out for telephone booths!

New missions:
We’ve added six completely new missions: collect scarecrow hats, search for and discover graffiti, solve puzzles, and help Tinka fulfill her big dream.

New achievements:
We’ve added some new achievements to hunt down as well!

Improved walking:
We made some changes to the camera to improve navigating the world with Ari on foot. Ari is now also more responsive while running!

Improved graphics:
Our team has been hard at work improving graphics throughout the world and adjusting the lighting everywhere! We hope this helps set the feel and mood better and improves the look and feel of all characters (don’t forget to compliment Ari on her hair!).

Improved and new sounds:
We’ve taken a pass against all the sounds in the game and added new ones where we felt they could make the experience better. The world should now feel livelier! While sprinting you can now hear Windstorm puffing as he gets tired and executing a great jump should sound a lot better!

We’ve added a How-to-Play section to the Pause Menu in case you missed or did not understand a specific tutorial overlay. The How-to-Play section will collect all the tutorial overlays you’ve already seen.

Mark places on the map:
You can now set your own markers on the map! These markers also appear on your compass and should make it much easier to find your way around.

And even more…
We love and appreciate your feedback and make every effort to take it to heart and improve the game as much as possible. We’ve made a lot of changes to improve performance and fix bugs and are excited to hear what you think.

We wish you a lot of fun with Windstorm – Aris Arrival!
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