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We've published a large update to the game tonight. This update moves 7 months of beta updates into the live build. In this update are hundreds of great features requested by players and the community, including a player-made mod!

Here are some of the highlights:
• unique Greater Heroes have been added to the game, with unique spells and abilities.
• Miyabi's mineral/resource mod has been added to the game, adding alot of excitement to the strategic map!
• 18 new units (including greater heroes), 40 new spells and buffs, and 40 new unit abilities.
• hundreds of QoL enhancements, most suggested by the community!

Here are the notes for all the updates which are in this release:

• Fixed the ability fire strike to now apply burning, and updated the text for the ability. Previously this ability would only proc on arrows and would apply corrosive acid.
• Added, updated and corrected various tooltips and text throughout the game.
• Added “Total Production Cost” to the tooltip for buildings in a cities Building Tree screen, showing total production cost remaining for the building and all prerequisite buildings.

• (2020-03-04)
• Added new civic line: Oversized Companies, allowing units to gain additional figures as they level up (up to double figures, less 1). This civic line is mutually exclusive with Over Strength Units.
• Added new ability Oversize Company, which can be selected by units once the civic above is researched.
• Fixed a number of bugs and issues related to switching your world spell when Raise Dead is currently being cast.
• Fixed a bug with right-clicking on a saved file bringing up the info for the incorrect save game.
• If the video device gets reset (due to a Microsoft Windows update occuring, hibernation/sleep/powersave mode, or various other reasons) while a game is running the game will now autosave, a message will display, and the game will terminate.
• Fixed a bug with not being able to change the setup placement of dungeon units in certain situations.

• (2020-02-24)
• You can now change the position of your units at the start of battle, and at the beginning of each dungeon floor.
• Added some tooltips to the Load Game screen for save games that reside on the Steam Cloud/Workshop, and for the Upload and Unsubscribe buttons. Added a graphic/icon for games that you have uploaded or subscribed to on Steam Cloud/Workshop.
• You can now overfill your item vault during your turn. If your vault is overfull, you will need to delete items before you can End Turn.

• (2020-02-21)
• Fixed: Multiplayer games should no longer end when the first human player is defeated.
• You can now consume heal potions outside of battle by clicking on the heal potion icon in the Unit Info Screen.
• Changed the effectiveness of heal and mana potions based on the level of the unit using them. Heal and Mana Potions now restore an additional 1-2% of maximum health/mana per unit level of the unit using them.
• Fixed a bug with the Mud Walking spell not working correctly.
• Battle summons no longer receive XP from landing killing blows. The XP they would normally receive will instead go to the end-of-battle XP pool.
• Increased the potency of magic items found on the last level of a dungeon.
• Added a Sentry mode for units.
• Fixed a bug with dungeon encounters on one dungeon level being overpowered relative to the previous level.
• Fixed message “Last Defender Killed” not always appearing.
• You can now drag resources from one unit to another by clicking on the small resource icon on the unit (in the top-right panel on the world map, or in the panel that appears when right-clicking an army on the world map) and dragging it to another unit in the army. You can also drag the icon to a neighboring army on the world map to transfer the resource to units in that army. Currently it will transfer 1 potion per drag, or for adamantium/mithril/natural resources it will transfer as much of the resource as it can.
• You can now reorder units in an army by dragging the unit, similar to dragging resource icons.
• The Artificer's Warehouse can now store 5000 additional mithril and adamantium (up from 500).

• (2020-02-17)
• Added “road_wall_or_army_prevents_lair_spawn_distance” to game_settings.txt, to change the distance at which lairs are prevented from respawning near roads, walls or armies.
• All Lizardmen fighting units can now choose Water Travel as a level up choice at level 5, allowing travel over water on the world map (at the cost of a level up choice!).
• Tooltips will now appear over units in the Units list panel and the Active Army panel, showing various info about the unit under the mouse.
• World spell casting will now default to the last recurring spell clicked on. Recurring spells are: Increase Meditation, Increase Battle Mana, <none> (ie Increase Mana Pool), Consume Souls, Increase Magic Research, Expand Item Vault.
• Added units Leviathan, Electric Sea Snakes.
• The Lizardmen Kraken can now choose Shocking Strike at level 10, and can evolve to a Leviathan at level 15.
• Added spell Spawn Electric Sea Snakes.
• Added attacks Water Spout, Leviathan Lash, Small Bite. Water Spout shoots in a straight line through targets, gives water spheres to targets it hits, and replenishes ammo each turn the unit is in water.
• Added abilities Water Regeneration.
• Fixed a bug with Ice Shield not working correctly in some cases, and changed the behaviour to “Place a protective shield of ice around a friendly unit. The shield absorbs up to 2 physical damage per attack, and absorbs up to 50% of cold damage taken. Once 20 (plus 5% per magic level) damage has been absorbed, the shield is depleted. The physical absorb amount increases by 1 per 10 magic levels of the caster.”.
• Fixed the mana cost of healing spells cast on the world map. Their mana cost is now increased by the same amount as other (non-healing) spells when cast on the world map.
• Fixed display of mana cost in the battle panel in the top-right of the screen during battle.
• Tweaked spells Disintegration (now higher spell level, slightly less damage) and Meteor Strike (now lower spell level, slightly more damage).
• Fixed bug with potions disappearing when wearing items that increase potion storage.
• Pain Spikes spell can no longer be resisted.
• Item enchantments may now grant abilities, or spells that have a chance to cast either “on-hit”, “when-hit” or “end-of-turn”. Old item enchantments will migrate to one of the new ability or spell procs.
• Fixed bug with Water Walking items not working correctly.
• Items destroyed may now yield magic gems, mithril or adamantium.
• Item enchantments which the player doesn't currently have the resources to create will be greyed out in the Create Item window.
• Interacting with the Armies List window should mimic the Units List window UI interactions.
• Added game option to limit the display size of units on the battlefield.
• Items can be now sorted by item attributes.
• The item list window will now appear once you are done creating an item (provided it was initiated from the item list window).
• Dungeons now have a set number of levels. The loot on the last dungeon level has been increased in quality, and at least 1 item will be on the last level. The max level can be changed via game_settings.txt.
• Units that counter-fire will now gain xp if they land the killing blow.
• World-Map/Overland walls outside of city range will now remain controlled by the last deity to travel over them. Overland walls outside of a cities range will not block neutral armies when the setup option “Traversing walls requires war” is selected.
• AI deities should no longer roll the Egotistical personality at game start if they have no material unit.
• Walls on the worldmap within range of a city will no longer slow the movement of the city owners armies, even when an enemy army is on the wall.
• Added option to pin Notes to the world map. This can be accessed by right-clicking on a tile (or hitting F2 when the mouse is over a tile). When a note is set, a pin appears on the world map where you set a note. At the moment notes are shared between all players in a multiplayer game
• Added a graphic alternative to the blinking army/unit. This can be changed in the game options.
• The AI will now traverse down dungeon levels. This can be toggled on/off in the game options.
• You can now have up to 1000 units per army by editing the keys max_ai_stack_size000 and max_human_stack_size000 in game_settings.txt. You cannot set these in the setup options, and trying to change them in the setup options will cap the stack size to 18. While setting the limit above 18 should work fine, we will not be offering support (in particular we will not be addressing performance issues, or doing AI tweaks/changes to facilitate larger army sizes!).
• Cities will now lose buildings proportional to the population lost when they are conquered.
• Fixed a bug that could occur causing a lockup if you use the “toggle_ai_control” cheat during a game where you have setup the AI max army size different than the human max army size.
• Fixed a bug that could cause a game lockup if you modded a unit to have the tranport ability, but didn't give it the boat ability.
• Fixed a bug with the Level Up screen appearing for units when no level-up options exist for the unit (specific to units with the Supply Unit ability).
• Created items are now etherealized for at most 2 turns.
• You can now destroy buildings in a city you control. To do so open the building tree and right click on a building. Then click on the Destroy Building button. All buildings beyond it in the tree will also be destroyed.
• Added spells Illuminate, Magic Torch, which add 1 to a units spotting in dungeons.
• The behaviour of the Reveal spell has changed. The new description reads “Enemy units that are in the affected tiles when the spell is cast gain the revealed buff for the duration of the spell, even when they leave the affected tiles. In addition, enemy units that move into or remain in affected tiles will become visible. Lastly, the spell allows friendly units to see the affected tiles in dungeons, even when out of spotting range.”
• Increased the spell level of Reveal from 6 to 11.
• Added game options to allow choosing from different preset color/font UI schemes.
• Fixed a display bug which showed that units could equip items that require an ability when they could not.
• Added increase_meditation_is_constant to game_settings.txt. Set this to 1 and the spell “Increase Meditation Skill” will no longer increase in cost as meditation skill increases.
• Fixed AI/automated workers/prospectors not building roads/improvements on the same turn that they move.
• Added spell Enthrall Creature. All deity units have this spell inherently. When cast on a friendly battle summoned creature (that would not normally persist after battle), this spell makes the creature join the caster's army permanently. Note that etherealized deities cannot cast this spell.
• Added key starting_item_vault_size to game_settings.txt.
• The spell Expand Item Vault can now be cast instantly by materialized deities, bypassing meditation but requiring much more mana pool.
• The experience stars of battle summons are now drawn smaller and darker on the battle map, making it easier to tell which units are battle summons.
• Added abilities Deity Mana Channeler 2/3/5, which allow a unit to increase its Deities meditation while the unit is alive. These abilities have been added to a number of units as an available level-up option.
• A message will now appear when the last defender on a dungeon level is killed (unless you have selected the game option to obscure enemies remaining).
• Added spells Corporeal Exchange and Swap Places, allowing two friendly units to change places during battle.
• The Lizard Queen Ssassrah has been added as a unit. This is the deity unit for the Lizardman race.
• Multiplayer games should no longer end when the first human player is defeated.

• (2019-08-28)
• Marked for Death spell makes attacks against its target not suffer from long-range penalty.
• Added basic modding support for spells. See the in-game help file for more info.
• Added basic modding support for civics. See the in-game help file for more info.
• Fixed bug with “Battle Spells Displayed” and “Attack Available to AI” not being saved correctly.

• (2019-08-27)
• Added game options to change color brightness.
• Lesser hero XP value will now calculated correctly, rather than being the same value as the non-hero version of the same unit.
• Added F6 hotkey to show move range of units under the mouse during battle.
• Added checkbox to allow toggling attacks on/off for units when the AI is controlling them.
• Selected Deity spells will now be shown in the top right of the battle screen.
• You can now choose what spells to display in the top-right spell list panel during battle for each unit, and for your deity.
• Enemy units in dungeons should almost never spawn near your units starting location. There may be rare cases where this still happens, such as a small dungeon map with many enemy units and an unlucky layout being rolled.
• Made dungeon creation more compact, so that dungeons will rarely resize above the Dungeon Size game setting, unless absolutely needed.
• Added game option to change the distance between opposing armies at the start of outdoor battles, as well as the width and height of each battle position (note: changing this can have a large effect on the combat balance between melee, ranged and casting units). Together with the change to make dungeons more compact, this should make battles alot faster for those who prefer to engage the enemy right away.
• Added City Option to allow/disallow carry-over of production.
• Dispel Enchantment can now be cast on portals.
• City specializations magic research and civic research are now 5 times more effective.
• World spells that require a target no longer make the target cursor appear at the start of turn. Instead, the mouse cursor changes to indicate a spell is waiting to be cast. Click the icon (which only appears when a spell is waiting to be cast) in the lower left corner of the screen to bring up the target cursor. You can leave the spell waiting to be cast for multiple turns. To cancel the spell, begin casting another spell in the Spell Screen.
• All units should now properly seek treasure when AI controlled in a dungeon after all enemies have been defeated.
• Fixed bug with the battle map not properly centering on the selected unit when the c key is pressed, or the center on unit button is clicked. This bug only occured when the animation Delay was set to 0.
• Fixed bug with some abilities not being choosable once an upgraded version of the ability becomes available to a unit (Strong, Counterfire, Charge Attack).
• Increased the number of moddable unit slots to 400.
• Reduced the health of Galleons, Caravels, Fishing Trolleys and Archer's Towers by 50%. Reduced the health of Galleys ~60% and reduced its moves from 6 to 4. Reduced Galley's Naval Ram damage by 50%.
• The Death Protection ability should now function properly.
• Added spells Bandage Self, Mass Bless.
• Added greater heroes Mobadeth the Frenzied, Lurian'Ker the War Mage, Archmage Valen Highbury.
• Added unit abilities Frenzy Master, Group Frenzier, Casting Expert 1, Deity Mana Channeler 2/3/5.
• Added buff Bandage Self.
• Updated treasure finding algorithm so units under AI control should path over dungeon treasures more efficiently.
• Added help manual entries for all improvements.
• Right clicking on an active army button (build city/engineer buttons) will bring up a help screen for the button.
• Units can now move Adamantium and Mithril separately from Natural Resources by using the bars in the Unit Info Screen / Unit Card.
• Greater Heroes will desert their deity if the deity is defeated. This will allow the Greater Heroes to come into play again for other deities (they can be summoned again with Call Greater Hero).
• Doubled the turns required for engineers to build walls on the overland map.
• Walls on the overland which are outside of a cities range cannot be controlled by deities beyond the current turn.
• Walls on the overland map will not slow armies of deities allied with the wall controller.
• Added game setup option which allows walls on the overland map which are in range of a city to prevent travel of armies which are neutral to the wall controller ie you must be allied with or at war with the wall controller to pass over the wall.
• Fixed issues with some spells using magic level for calculations when they should have been using unit level.
• Added Zone of Control game option for armies on the world map.
• AI units with grappling hooks will now scale city walls. Beware!
• Meditation is now the default world spell. Once a spell is complete, the spell casting will revert to meditation rather than <none>.
• Added keys “unit_mana_recovery_percent_between_battles0” and “unit_mana_recovery_rounds0” to game_settings.txt to determine how much mana units can recover between battles. The amount of mana a unit will recover at the beginning of each battle is at most unit_mana_recovery_percent_between_battles0 times its maximum mana. This is further reduced by an amount proportional to [unit_mana_recovery_rounds0 less the number of battle rounds it has fought that game turn], and after it exceeds unit_mana_recovery_rounds0 it will no longer recover mana. This also applies to Defense Towers in cities.
• The abilities Grows in Size and Grows Quickly now may add health and movement points proportional to the size gained.
• Fixed a bug with tile visibility not updating correctly when a city changes owner.
• Added key “load_random_seed_when_loading_save_game” to game_settings.txt to allow/disallow loading the saved seed for the main random number generator. Setting this to 0 allows obtaining different results when you reload a saved game.

• (2019-07-29)
• Fixed a crash which could occur when disbanding a transport carrying units.
• Added additional support for some older graphics cards.
• Reduced the range per turn increase that affected how far AI deity armies/units will search for enemies. This will somewhat speed up very long games with many units, with the caveat that the AI may not engage enemies which are too far away. Added game key “ai_wander_range_increase_turnnum_power” to modify this value (.1 makes the AI search very limited, .5 is the default, and 1 makes the AI search range enormous as the game goes on).
• Capped the gold bonus the AI receives when you set the max stack size larger than 6. The cap is 200*(max stack size - 6) per city. This should allow the AI enough gold maintain a full city defense force in each city, while not giving them enough gold to field huge numbers of additional troops. Note that this will considerably change the dynamics for games with large AI stacks, as they will likely field far fewer armies than they do currently (especially in late game).
• Potions from disbanded units will now be distributed properly to nearby friendly units and cities. Disbanded units will now correctly lose all carried resources and potions.
• Excess potions in a city will now be redistributed to linked cities.
• The food from bonus resources that require the ranch improvement (chicken, pig, cow) has been increased.
• Added Dockyards improvement, which can be built on Ocean/Shallows terrain. Newly built ships/boats in nearby cities will be placed on tiles with Dockyards before other tiles. In addition, when a navy is attacked while on a dockyards within range of a friendly city, shore batteries at the dockyards will assist in defense.
• Added help entries for Dockyards, Gem Extraction Workshop.
• Fixed a bug with buffs from opposing deities sometimes overriding each other.
• Added mana bars to the battle map display. Ctrl+h will cycle through the health/mana bar displays.
• Added game option to limit the FPS.
• Added checkboxes to the City Screen to toggle allowing ability/spell charges to be awarded to nearby units.

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