Patch 27 - Advanced Policies - v0.6.4

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OwNathan  [developer] Apr 27 @ 9:54am 
@RoseO_Blue: try playing for a while they should unlock them, there's a small bug with the UI not updating properly when loading!
RoseO_Blue Apr 26 @ 6:51am 
For some reasons, my policies like blogs, social media, newspapers, radio, magazines, internet and television remained greyed out. I have unlocked them early on but now I cannot assess them. Any help?
OwNathan  [developer] Apr 17 @ 1:54am 
@kelann1027: the game has been made much easier at the beginning with the latest updates, are you sure you are doing things right? there may be something not explained properly in the tutorials!
The best way to make early profits is to have the place filled with tables (both 2 and 4 seats), charge 3x the actual cost of the recipe, save money by spending only on a few policies, and don't care too much about getting 5 star reviews!
kelann1027 Apr 16 @ 12:47pm 
Much better with all the new updates but I am still having a hard time making money. Crazy and the reviews are still all messed up. Can you please fix that? TY
OverCraft Apr 15 @ 9:48pm 
Could you make french subtitles?
jimllfixitok Apr 15 @ 3:33pm 
getting better and better :cozyspaceengineersc: