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Shoot and goal! The ’90s Football Stars Early Access Update 1.0.2. is already here! We are back with a batch of improvements for you today. All of the changes are listed below, and the whole Team is working their collective butts based on your feedback and suggestions.

  • The game is now available for Mac OS!
  • Achievements Implemented
  • Added Tutorial. Access it from Options menu!
  • Added Locker. Play matches to win in-game currency and buy new jerseys, balls, and snickers!
  • NEW countries: Netherlands, Jamaica, Greece, Venezuela and Romania
  • Improved rebound physics of the ball, when it hits the ground after centering
  • Further fixes to Goalkeeper behaviour

Functionality issues:
  • Reconnecting the controller while browsing Pause menu no longer causes the match to resume by itself
  • Returning to Main Menu from the match will no longer cause multiple audio tracks to be played at the same time
  • PUSH can no longer be used to steal the ball from the Goalkeeper
  • After leaving World Cup, the UI no longer displays incorrect continent

If you encounter any issues, wish to chat about '90s Football Stars or just poke the Devs, our Official Steam Forum {ПРЕМАХНАТА ВРЪЗКА} is always the best place to visit.

Remember that’s not our last word when it comes to ’90s Football Stars. There are more free updates coming in the future, so be sure to follow our social media channels to stay up to date:



Purple Tree and Klabater Team
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