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It's time to introduce the biggest update in the history of Top Down Survivor.

Crafting Materials
You will now find crafting materials.
With these new type of items, you are able to craft things like armor, consumables, and equipment ( I will add more types later).

You are now able to craft items.

Before you can craft items, you need to find blueprints. When you are lucky enough to find one you need to upload and stay alive until it's done!
You need three parts of a blueprint before you can use it (You can only find one blueprint per match).

New Item
Furthermore, a new item is available. The backpack.
This will change the number of weapons you are able to carry at once. With a backpack equipped you now able to carry two big and two small weapons.

Death Zone
The Death-Zone is now visible on the map

- Crafting Materials
- Blueprints
- Crafting
- New Item: Backpack
- Death Zone on the map

- You will now earn coins and rank points for kills and for every minute you stayed alive in a match, even if you lose a match.

Bug fixes:
- Shotgun damage is calculated correctly
- Lighting on the player works now correctly
- Death sound is working again

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