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Factory Town

Version .107 released! Text search on Build menu & Item Filter panels

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veriszg Apr 27 @ 6:28am 
Erik, quick response. After a week of playing your game I have a list of things to make better.

PRIORITIES - things that IMO would benefit most currently to be implemented.

1. Filter copying during duplicating items.
2. Hotkey to enable/disable 1.
3. Proper cart alignment on truck after placing.
4. Hotkey to copy/paste filter config shift+right copy, shift+left paste.
5. Draw distance.
6. Option to disable clouds.
7. Disabling balloons when houses buy items.
8. Option to set how many rows of items we want to watch.
9. Distance optimizations and simplifications.
10. Selling land.
11. Autobackups versioned.
12. Show savegame folder in explorer.
13. Idle workers alarm or window.

Full description of my experience is here. Please reply if you read it.

DoughHook Apr 26 @ 1:49pm 
Hey Erik, Got to say i am very impressed with Factory Town. I have 400 + hours logged. The speed of fixes and the ongoing improvements are a breath of fresh air. Keep up the great work..
she made tea for me Apr 25 @ 12:28pm 
Thanks for a really nice game, Erik.
Me and my friends would really love if you added some kind of multiplayer. Actually just a co-op feature for the singleplayer game. Hope you see this and might consider adding it to the game.
Lutt Apr 24 @ 1:10am 
You're doing a great job, Erik! We just want more of it! Keep it up!

Thank you for an enjoyable game!
Irebane_ggl Apr 23 @ 7:45am 
感谢持续不断的更新,thanks for updates:steamhappy:
Erik Asmussen  [developer] Apr 23 @ 5:50am 
Verisg I'd recommend joining the discord, it's a great place to toss out suggestions: https://twitter.com/FactoryTownGame
Imp0815 Apr 23 @ 4:21am 
Great Work Erik keep it up!
veriszg Apr 23 @ 1:29am 
Important - option to show building window in the ***middle*** of the screen, not right-top. On very wide screens that it's hard to click "Item Filter", especially when it's not under any hotkey.
veriszg Apr 23 @ 1:27am 
Erik, i would also enable showing workers that stand still, maybe an option to show alert when that happens or option easily find and select worker that is stuck or not working.
veriszg Apr 23 @ 1:02am 
Erik, thank you! :) Where can I post another suggestions when they come up? :)