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A place to hang out & talk about Factory Town, share builds & strategies, chat about features you'd like to request.

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For a long time, the game has needed a more meaningful endgame. The first big step towards that is complete!

There's a new giant building called the OmniTemple. It is massive (5x5) and not only costs a lot to build, but you also have to bring a huge amount of resources to the construction site in order to complete it.

Once it is complete, it will randomly request Offerings of various specific high-end goods - and lots of them. Producing and delivering all these goods will require reconfiguring and optimizing your production chains.

But the rewards for doing this are significant - you earn Star Coins that are only produced at the Omnitemple, and these Star Coins are used for a wide variety of new Infinitely Repeatable research. Providing benefits such as:

- Increased overall town production speed
- Higher House Maximum
- Greater Crop Yields
- Faster Temple, Shrine and Recharger speeds
- Faster Conveyor Belt and Mana Pipe transmission speeds
- Greater bonus from buildings' OmniStone upgrades

And remember, these research recipes are repeatable, infinitely (provided you can supply the ever-increasing cost). So you can improve your town to ridiculous speeds!

There's also a number of bugfixes & quality-of-life improvements.

  • Added final soundtrack song
  • Removed population requirement from Packagers
  • Removed happiness bonus from Packagers, Temples, and Shrines (as they are unstaffed)
  • Fixed bug where floating paths could be created by drag-deleting underlying scaffolds
  • Reduced Temple crystal crafting time from 10s to 6s
  • The 'Copy Cursor' tool will select the appropriate farming action when used on a natural resource (in non-creative mode)
  • Added clearer range indicator for buildings that have an Area-Of-Effect
  • Input and Output inventory slots can be inspected, so items can be trashed if necessary
  • Added highlight effects to Inventory Slot Detail panel buttons
  • Fixed farms not applying water or fertilizer if they were the only active recipes
  • Research to build Elemental Temples is hidden until available, to prevent confusion when no natural Temples found yet
  • Elemental enchanted books can now be used to provide Writing Materials to School at 50 apiece
  • School Writing Materials capacity increased from 100 to 200
  • Workers now move as fast on Roads as they do on Foot Paths
  • Angled terrain is no longer highlighted when placing buildings, to make it easier to find flat ground
  • When recipe can't produce because is missing currency, the correct currency icon appears
  • The +4 bonus to population that the base provides is removed once it reaches level 10, so that population maximums are a more round number

Enjoy! Up next on my list are OmniPipes and Fisheries.
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