Outlaws of the Old West

Outlaws of the Old West

March 26th - 1.1.0 Patch Notes

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ProVin Apr 1 @ 5:03pm 
I don't have the frame drop issue guys...you sure your not getting latency problems you know client to server...or you could try resetting video...I myself Fullscreen 1080p/ 55" HDTV/ getting 122FPS...using a 1080 Hydra EVGA 8GIG...and my ping when it hits 100+ does what your talking about fellows.
ProVin Apr 1 @ 4:57pm 
Trains...when do I see trains?
zen Mar 29 @ 4:53pm 
Cannot even connect - "Your connection to the host has been lost
Dem´s Mar 29 @ 9:20am 
Two more, at least, of the four shortcuts offered, is it also possible to unblock them in the bank of weapons when leveling? because if all the weapons are enabled, you create the best ones and you are ready, but you lose the art of the other weapons, it is also more satisfactory when you unlock a weapon; It is an opinion that I would like the equipment to take into account...
Crypto Mar 29 @ 4:43am 
was just able to set my spawn to some randoms bed....
GAK-Canadian Mar 28 @ 4:58pm 
Now having issues with connecting through steam. I do hope this is fix sooner then later. Not too worried about the polish. Sounds, textures etc, just want the foundation strong then build up from there.
FandangoChristmas Mar 28 @ 9:39am 
After update my server browser hangs up the game until I restart game. When trying to pickup or move items to another base it makes me walk to slow and I cannot even place them in my base when I get there. Sometimes I click move, and the item teleport to my new build, and cannot be deleted until I relog.
Swamp Gremlin Mar 28 @ 8:31am 
Whats the point of being able to delete one track by it self. There is no way to mes up one piece of track by it self. soon as you attach another piece to it you cant fix or delete the piece you just laid so the the whole rail is now garbage. including the train station.

Also your track just keeps staying at it s original height and doesnt confom to the slope of ground s how are you supposed to go down a hill.

Should have not release the train station into the live play until these things were thought about imo.
Clamdigger Mar 28 @ 7:05am 
Another great update keep up the excellent work!
sefou974 Mar 28 @ 3:54am 
Great update but same as poly

Pigs and Cows - how to feed them and take resources.
Plants - harvesting etc.
Fishing trap - add button for take all
Add more banditos spawns
Change salt, iron, coal and sulfur mining - it gives small amount of reources. Now its almost impossible to connect towns with train rails.
Horse should take water and food if there is automatic feeder.
Horse are still going to stuck during mountain/rocks climbing.
Axes take more damage that guns
I dont see difference between Guard and Gun trader - even both are bugged and running arround like dumbs.
Bunches from grass - for what it should be used?
Brick windowed wall is sometimes not possible to build.