Outlaws of the Old West

Outlaws of the Old West

March 15th - 1.0.3 Patch Notes

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magnusKroczek Mar 19 @ 1:09am 
Good Morning

I've played the game for 36 hours now and can only say one word SUPER WORK. Yes, there are a few mistakes here and there, but for an Earlay Acces version that's pretty good. I hope the developers stay tuned.

Keep it up Thanks
magnusKroczek Mar 19 @ 1:08am 
Guten Morgen

Ich habe das Spiel jetzt 36 Std. gespielt und kann nur eines Sagen SUPER ARBEIT. Ja es hat hier und da ein Paar Fehler, aber für eine Earlay Acces Version ist das doch denn schon zimmlich gut. Ich hoffe die Entwickler bleiben dran.

Macht weiter so
blaze Mar 18 @ 3:15am 
this game looks interesting!! :)
I'll try this!!!
Humanimal Mar 17 @ 5:23am 
impossible de rentrer dans un jeu depuis la mise à jour ! le personnage est bloquer en solo je ne peux pas bouger du tout ! et en multijoueur (serveur europe ) a peine entré dans le jeu j'ai le message lost connection ! j'ai acheté le jeu c'est pour joué pas pour regarder des photos ! avant la mise a jour il marchait tres bien ! :/

impossible to get into a game since the update! the character is blocking solo I can not move at all! and in multiplayer (server europe) just entered the game I have the message lost connection! I bought the game it's not played to watch pictures! before the update it worked very well! : /
Reanimated Mar 17 @ 4:55am 
@Chr0nos I had a popup window, from the windows firewall. I had to alt-tab to see it. Maybe you have to answer that first before the game continues to load. Singleplayer works for me, but I don't know whether it's related to the windows firewall.
Dirk Gently Mar 17 @ 4:54am 
One item i found in single player:

When you leave back to the main screen or leave the game at all, every item in any of the working stations (fuel, base item and results) are lost, meaning the working station is completely empty when getting back into the game.

If already mentioned then please disregard.
Dirk Gently Mar 17 @ 4:52am 
I would like to ask people to stay constructive and not poison the forum. Repeating messages does not help (especially if they have no meaningful content). I am sure the developers are reading the comments and try to filter out useful information.

Post what you find, add information that can be useful but dont attack people just because nobody knows who you are.
El Chapo Eldorado Mar 17 @ 4:20am 
Please fix the duping bug. Thanks!
GrosQuick - JeaN_TiTouPLiN Mar 17 @ 3:06am 
hi mates !

Just one thing. Can you update server list with a top prioriti to server with a star ?
Thank You very mutch for you'r job.

best regards.
Bud 1291 Mar 16 @ 9:34pm 
Thank you for the work.

[/h]Here my feedback to the patch 1.03[/h1]

- one of our 2 server (same version, same hoster) ist 90% of the time not visible on serverlist. I would also like to have a way to connect direct to IP:port and better filters in the serverlist.

- Invinitive crafted items, as others report

- Since 1.03 my mouse is also oversensitive

- please do further updates not in front of popular play times, like weekend, as you need your weekend, and we like to play.