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Howdy Outlaws!

We've been seeing signs of Bigfoot all week, and now its made its way back into our territory. This time though, we know what we're getting into! No surprise spooks this time around. We're ready!

Relive some of the past Bigfoot encounters here:

Bigfoot Location and Spoils
Bigfoot will be setup to spawn in the alpine and mountain biomes and will be an aggressive creature with plenty of health and a nasty attack :)

Killing one will drop some gold bars and a special Bigfoot hat, along with a chance to drop a full-size Bigfoot mount.

Outlaws of the Old West Sale!!
Sounds like it'll be a hefty feat. Need to add more Outlaws to your hunting crew? Now's the chance! Outlaws is currently on sale now for $13.99 (30% off), October 28 - November 1. Spread the news because the hunt is on!

Show us your Bigfoot Hunt Shenanigans
Don't forget to send with us your screenshots and videos of the hunt, and we may just feature you next! Share with us on Discord[], tag us on Twitter, or email them to

Changelog 10/28/19
Items in bold are new changes since the patch was previewed on 10/25
  • Bigfoot Hunt event
  • Tons of map fixes across the entire playable area and beyond
  • Fixed recipes referencing the wrong sugarcane
  • Added beam to log building kit
  • Added Brazilian Portuguese localization
  • Added Korean localization (not 100% complete yet though)
  • Removed rocks from peninsula on big lake (x11.y17)
  • Fixed issue by lake shore in upper left corner of 11.17
  • Fixed incorrect apple blueprint being used
  • Added Ice to general store merchant
  • Fixed crops not having a chance to give seeds
  • Adjusted interaction box of General Store clerk so it is smaller and won't block other nearby items
  • Fixed small campfires not cooking meat properly
  • Fixed recipes referencing the wrong sugarcane
  • Fix save
  • Fixed build mesh actor save
  • Assigned icons to meals in the stove
  • Fixed bottles not showing up in Tier 1 Target Practice
  • Setup Furnace so it can 'melt down' the gold pickaxe
  • Added new icons for meat variations
  • Added icons for the different fish meats
  • Fixed spelling of Chili
  • Fixed foliage spawner landscape rotation
  • MASSIVE server performance increase
  • Removed collision on wall torch/candles/lanterns
  • Added plant fiber to plants grown in farm beds (Blackberry, Blueberry, Buffalo Berry, Cotton, Hemp, Raspberry and Thimbleberry)
  • Fixed farm plot water config
  • Fixed Crafting Cost Multiplier
  • Fixed durability when sending items via mailbox
  • Changed oxygen implementation to prevent sudden health decrease bug
  • Fixed Prospector character having a backpack instead of the pickaxe
  • Took our radial force from Landmines
  • Mailbox now only saves 100 messages (oldest ones will be deleted if new ones come in)
  • Added decay timer multiplier to ini configs
  • Added Ban by SteamID to admin tools
  • Fixed door and window decay
  • Increased decay timer to 14 days
  • Made train tracks update decay timer on all connected track pieces
  • Lowered sfx volume on gun shop vendor's idle animations
  • Added global server message to admiin tools
  • Fixed fireplace chimney size changing on load in single player
  • Fixed female underwear color
  • Fixed wagons so they can now ride on bridges
  • Fixed radial menu on furnace
  • Fixed wall attach so players can no longer place torches or other items on non guild member structures
  • Adjusted checks so players can no longer build ceiling or other items near non guild member structures, even if the initial foundation is outside the 'no-build' zone
  • Fixed health being displayed incorrectly in single player

See ya on the hunt! Good luck! :)

Happy Halloween!
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