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The Dungeon is in Garden Paws!

You may have noticed there has been a dungeon in Garden Paws for the last couple weeks. We might have forgotten to write an update, sorry about that. Hope you're enjoying it! If you're not a dungeon fan, don't worry the dungeon is not necessary to the main game and can be ignored.

The dungeon currently has 10 procedurally generated levels with the 10th level being the boss level. You can collect dungeon specific loot here and familiar items including geodes, plant fiber and coal. You can also collect shards that can be used to purchase goods from the shop floor on level 11.

The Shopkeeper doesn't always have the things you're looking for...

The dungeon shop contains a dungeon exclusive furniture set, the Dungeon Stone set and a rare cape! If you still have spare shards, don't worry you can exchange them with Hash for coins.

There are also relics in the dungeon to make each run exciting and different. Some of the relics increase damage, speed and even loot gained!

We plan on adding more levels to the dungeon in the future with more monsters, bosses, loot and all that good stuff.

You can find exciting loot chests in the dungeon!

Secret Hardcore Mode!

Think the dungeon is too easy? You can increase the difficulty with a hidden puzzle. When you first enter the dungeon (before going into the danger zone), you can shoot the blue mushrooms on the right wall from smallest to largest to activate hardcore mode.

The hardcore mode reduces your HP from 250 to 100, increases the damage the monsters do and increases the loot drops.

What's coming next in Garden Paws?

We are pretty proud of how far Garden Paws has come this last year, especially with a small team of 3 (2 Developers and 1 Composer). Over the next month(s) we plan on adding the Fruit Trees, a new island, new tameable creatures, the rest of the dungeon, and a new NPC that will have a shop with various decoration items.

We're always working on optimization and will be focusing on this pretty heavily as we start the port to the Switch. Our goal is to have Garden Paws release on the Switch December of this year!

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