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Breeding; Cats, Chickens and Sheep!

We are excited to say we have added breeding for unique colour and size variants for 3 animals! Once you have reached the first Summer a new quest line with Bruce will be available to begin introducing a new tree to Florens the Passionfruit Tree.

Once you have the Passion Fruit Tree you will be able to work with Frank to build a Breeding Pen and with Poppy to create new breeding treats.

The new Passionfruit Tree

These breeding treats are the key to collecting new colourful cats, chickens and sheep. Once you have the animals in the breeding pen with their treat they will start producing a baby. After a few days you'll have a new baby to raise, if you're lucky it will be in a unique colour.

We can't wait to see how you decorate your Breeding Pens, they can also be painted with the furniture paintbrush!

That's not all! The animals you breed will have a significantly higher sell price in your shop once they have matured.

A small green kitten! Which animal in Garden Paws would you like to breed next?

We hope you enjoy this update and are excited to make the rest of the animals available to breed very soon.

What animals in Garden Paws would you like to breed and raise next?

Skeleton Horse

You can now find a Skeleton Horse for purchase on Halloween Island for 50 Pumpcoins. Don't worry this horse won't send the villagers running.

Halloween Clothing & Accessories

Some of the new halloween items!

We have added a few new shirts into Clovis' Shop that were previously only available as dresses. You can now find a Bumblebee Shirt, Blossom Shirt, Deer Shirt, Ladybug Shirt and Rainbow Paw Shirt! There is also a classic white shirt that can be dyed in a variety colours available in the shop.

There are many new items to pick up on Halloween island with your Pumpcoins!

  • Jack O'Lantern Head
  • Skeleton Wings
  • Star Dress
  • Candy Corn Overalls
  • Skeleton Apron
  • Bat Sweater
  • Spider Sweater

Don't forget you can dye your clothes and accessories to have even more creative options.

The dyeing station is a great way to make your favourite apparel.

The mannequin is a great way to display your favourite outfits.

Spooky Paintbrush

There is a new Spooky Paintbrush with 9 new designs to paint with and is available on Halloween Island.

If you have Pumpcoins to spare, Petey the Pirate will now take them off your hand and give you Golden Coins in exchange.

Plenty of new spooky wall designs to choose from!

More Notes

  • The Outhouse is now a storage unit for Poop and Fertilizer.
  • 16 New Quests to complete.
  • Cats now have a slightly higher chance to drop fish.
  • There's a new black and brown dog skin.
  • Thiago updated several parts of the audio of the game.
  • Potentially fixed a rare bug in the dungeon where the guest sees a different dungeon level from the host.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the soap dispenser from being placed in the world.
  • Fixed a bug with the wrong music playing when you come back from a different island to the main island.

Thank you!

We hope you enjoyed this update and are excited to bring more updates to you in the future for Garden Paws on the PC/Mac and are so excited for the Switch release.

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