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Small(ish) update, longish post. Scroll to the bottom of you want the TL;DR version.

The last couple of updates were focused on making the game more stable, easier to learn and user friendly. Huge improvements were made but there were more, little things that didn’t make it into the last update but probably should have. Things like tool tips and toggles for features, you otherwise only knew about, if you knew the keyboard shortcut.

Besides the things mentioned, this update fixes a few more bugs, but doesn’t offer any new in-game events or storylines. However, it would be a shame for these improvements to sit and wait for the next major content patch to be done, when everyone who enjoys the game, could use this right away. So here we are.

One major bug fixed in this update, had storylines repeating themselves under certain circumstances, when they weren't supposed to. If you're continuing a saved game, you may still see this behavior a few times after the fix (those events were already queued in your game data), but new games are no longer affected.

Big shout out to James Henderson[], whose twitch stream of the game[] was a big inspiration for this particular update. Give his channel a follow!

If you’re a streamer, content creator or reporter, and want to feature Above the Fold, please see the press kit page[] for more detail. Streamers who let me know ahead of time, might see me show up to answer questions live in chat (just ask James).

With Beta 6.1, the in-game help and teaching systems are done. New tips may still get added, others will definitely be rewritten, and so forth - if any parts of the game are a mystery to you, let me know!

All changes in Beta 6.1

  • Added: Toggle to switch game speed on the map
  • Added: Toggle to control map scroll speed, also on the map
  • Added: Toggle to turn the map key and guide bar on and off
  • Added: Button to open the settings window on the map and the office screen
  • Added: Tool tips, when hovering over various icons and buttons in the game
  • Added: Option to turn tool tips on/off via in-game settings
  • Added: Total cash value of advertisements now displayed when you pick them up
  • Changed: Each day of the week has its own color hue on the main office screen
  • Changed: When you schedule a Morale event, it now triggers the following day instead of a few days later
  • Changed: Gamespeed is no longer indicated by pluses (see new toggle instead)
  • Changed: Scroll speed is not longer written out in the upper right corner (see other new toggle)
  • Fixed: Clouds behaving badly when both mouse and keyboard are used together
  • Fixed: Plotline progress would reset and could be repeated, when they were not supposed to
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