Captain's Log 13: Updates Ho!

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ta Jan 13 @ 11:51am 
Billy Jan 10 @ 12:58am 
and no one can see mine
Billy Jan 10 @ 12:57am 
does anyone know how to fix your hat not showing on you? i can see everyone's hat besides mine
Kenpachi Jan 9 @ 9:15am 
Just wonder if this is the year for dumb marketing like did none learn from blizzcon. make a game that worth the money and dont reskin another game and put another label on it . your player base is not dumb if u reskin something they will know. so glad I didn't spend a cent on this game nd I wont until its worth the money as is it not even worth 5 dollars.
exroofer Jan 4 @ 1:51am 
Want to apologise for something?
Apologise for not regionn locking the chinese hordes destroying your game.
Did you learn NOTHING from Ark?
CaptMuffinman Jan 3 @ 11:15pm 
The mobs need to be nerfed big time. Hit boxes are poorly designed, they move like animitronics. Alphas yeild nothing special. If the cold regions have no benefit, they shouldn't require 30 points in Fortitude just to survive. Either grant the cold regions something worth trading or free up some islands.
savjazz21 Jan 3 @ 10:45pm 
With patch 9.0 got kicked out of company and i am stuck!
lolo Jan 2 @ 3:49pm 
you should make single player And host server like ark so u can play whit friends and use mods
GVTZ@SSJG Jan 2 @ 1:27pm 
Everyday glitch lots of Wolfs, Lions and Snakes trough my Basewall and kill sleeping Members and all the Tames....A FUQQING STONE BUILDING WITH A STONEWALL AROUND! How is this possible??? I cannot log in without being dead wtf? Pls FIX that fast, a Base in Thundra Area is Hard enough. 2 of my 5 Members are gone because of all the game breaking Bugs....
Better I pay for it real money because then it is also fixed xDDDD
Anvilkos Jan 1 @ 7:48am 
While I NEVER played ARK... I decided to try this game... Nice Graphics.. Nice Gathering system... Nice Dying to a Friggin' Monkey first thing.... Crafting system kind of sux...AND it would be NICE if I could actually LOG ONTO AN OFFICIAL SERVER!!!... I see them... I want to join them... BUT... "Server Connect FAILED".. Go to Unofficial server.. Log on fine...BUT.. The CQC sux so bad that when I attack ANYTHING.. Everything around it Jumps into the fray... Makes me feel like a Conservative at a Femenist Rally....The Pigs are REAL....Dunno If I will keep playing this in the next few days... 116 minutes on record so far and it is ALREADY such a grind that I just said "Chuck it for now"...