Captain's Log 32: Blackwood Update and Singleplayer Mode!

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Joe2498 Jul 11 @ 8:54pm 
Will be buying this game for the singleplayer
#OneMoment ARG Jul 6 @ 8:38am 
Single player. Cool. That's the push I needed.
Athayus Quan Jul 2 @ 1:01am 
Wow I'm so happy to hear about SP being added it only took 10,000+ messages from the community asking for it. I had almost written the game off as a waste of money for not having SP. Even though we have enjoyed playing the game with a private server and with a few friends were are far to busy with our own development and design projects to really enjoy the game. I think this will also make mod creators more egar to support the game as well.
Thrace Jul 1 @ 7:19pm 
Due to all the negative comments lemme say this. Single player is amazing. I have been playing the online mode for ages but I don't have the time to just sit here and limit my real life to the demands of the game. Now I can freaking pause!
I have near 4.7k hours in Ark and yes this uses the same engine... ya know like how a load of games use the same engine, example being far cry.
The mechanics in this are quite different, the atmospherics are better. The sea is absolutely divine and relaxing to sail on. I adore Ark (obviously) and I like this better lol
emp456 Jul 1 @ 4:27am 
Good marketing announcing this (SP mode) in time for the summer sale. Well done, i'm in.
Jacks Jul 1 @ 3:46am 
Looking forward to the single player, hope it will be given a satisfied playtime :-)))
choglit Jul 1 @ 12:45am 
Been playing the Single player and its great, now is the time to buy this game.
hole'n'head Jun 30 @ 10:59pm 
Glad to see a single player option coming, even without listen mode. I just bought the game because of this.
Janda Jun 30 @ 8:49pm 
Single player without listen mode is pointless for me and many others it seems. Poor decisions being made by the devs and this game in it's current state is far inferior to ARK.
Dakiller Jun 30 @ 7:37pm 
Ark reskin do not buy this game. They have to make a listen mode and a mode to play with friends? What are they ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥? They are just trying to make money off this garbage game. Make a single player mode with servers like ark for free like ark fix the undermeshing and bugs in ark and this game and quit being idiots.