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Update 1.1.7 - LIVE NOW! New content, balance tweaks and much, much more

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30 Comments Oct 5 @ 10:12am 
This might not be the place to post, and it'll probably be my first ever post on steam (I think... hope I'm not wrong ;) ). But I want to emphasize the fact that this game has a lot of potential to become an e-sport candidate. Fast paced, easy to play hard to master ... just not multiplayer Yet.
Btw if you need localisation help for dutch people I would consider helping out Im a flemish (read dutch) belgian guy!
Vibro Sep 24 @ 3:08pm 
ok today the sword didn't work, so i managed to fix it by ESC restart level move the workers, then reload.
Vibro Sep 24 @ 2:24pm 
@dragut no problem dude this bug drived me mad

Oh how about giant zombies that throw your little ones at the ranged enemy troops.

And the real question is will the pumpkin faction stay pumpking only
or will it become the vegetable faction? suicide lemons with acid damage, 2 handed weapon watermelon behemoths, vitamin C orange healers... lol or somthing like that.
dragut Sep 24 @ 11:11am 
I think the necromancer apprentice (Level1) should be cheaper to recruit and more durable, currently it is twice expensive than wizard even (wizard has splash damage, necro has freezing and raising undead. Wizard looks more efficient by price/benefit than Necro at moment).

Yes, Undead faction needs cheaper ranged unit alternatives, maybe skeleton archers? (Or if gamestyle of Undead is intentionally without much ranged, some fast units are necessary to catch enemy ranged units)

@Vibro Thanks for the hint! I will try that next time! It seems that button resets the function.
Vibro Sep 23 @ 4:02am 
i like the new workers but they can´t lvl up so you don´t get the new buildings and you have no option to heal your army with some factions.
And the zombie faction is the worst because your workers/zombies die after time and you have a problem if you can´t produce new ones.
They need cheap range units or superfast zombie wolves or somthing that traveling under ground idk.

PS: if someone has the units not moving bug after loading, just select your army and then use the sword on the bottom right and click on the ground somewehre;)
farein Sep 23 @ 1:22am 
Undead race now just unplayable. THOSE DAMN SHOOTERS! I! HATE!! THEM!!! Its really misstake to take no shooters to undead except necromancers, who cost like little army and shoot sooooo slooooowlyyyyyy and weak... Damn FIVE archers can kill this necromancer! Zombies are weak. Them just is Exp to all other units. Poison zombies die just little longer and cant deal reasonable damage to human units. With hammer man vampires get suck; they cost many gold and food, but fragile first two levels and now they can die at high levels easily thanks to hammer get stronger against high armor. Undead MUST get shooters, really. They have no chances against horde of archers and axe man this way. It was slauther any time i try to fight against human enemies cause damn shooters. If monster hunt have time to farm resourses and bild huge army to owerhelm npcs with damn numbers, this tactic cant work with AI conquest so... Its much more work now to be done with balance ASAP
Levitate Sep 22 @ 11:58am 
lizard or dino race with just a bunch of animals and monsters? maybe a bug race and a flying race that just hovers slightly off the ground to have the effect that they fly like small dragons and birds.
Levitate Sep 22 @ 11:56am 
i would love to have leader heroes on the battlefield with custom looks from the character pictures ^_^ id also love a litch king skeleton army with archers, swords men and spear men, basic and then with shields like upgraded types that cost more. also the dragon leader was a let down, no special units or anything? just a basic leader.
benjredwards Sep 22 @ 4:07am 
Can you please ad new leaders:steamhappy:
dragut Sep 21 @ 2:30pm 
This last update is great and fixed many complained aspects and added additional flavor with the extra content (factions are now more faction-like and circle AI behavior is better, Nightmare game became very enjoyable).

I have a Bug Report from the and this Bug continues since the release.
When "Load"ing a game from Menu, it works as expected.
When Load-ing from in-game, it usually (90% of time) disables unit movement, I mean I am unable to click selected units to move.

So, to load a game, I have to exit to main menu then I have to Load again at the moment. I hope this can be fixed soon.