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Second path of 2021 here we go!

Development is going well, cleaning up content and bugs and generally working on optimizations/QoL aspects. In this build the process the game goes through loading has been completely overhauled, which won't make a big impact on the average PC player but is definitely going to benefit those with older hardware and of course eventual console versions down the road.

Controllers have gotten heavy focus this week too, with players that prefer using analog-stick over dpads getting a lot of attention, For new players, these new changes will be seen seamlessly but if you've already installed Monster Crown it may be worth your while to go into the button mapper (now much more reliable) and reset the config. Because the old default has been written to your registry this is a great way to make sure you get the latest button configs. No real need to do this for most players but if you're an analog-stick user it'll make the game a lot easier to play and navigate.

Overall the game runs a bit smoother when navigating the world, a few small submenus have gotten touch-ups (the in battle pact/item select), the box system has had some cleaning up after last update's revamp, etc. Foe AI now properly considers synergy so situations like Gigadrile spamming a synergy-requiring move won't be an issue going forward.

I've also been working on wild monster AI, you'll notice that they're better at getting to you and moving around obstacles, but this is still a work in progress so expect more improvements.

Gridag has received a shiny new set of proper crossbreeds and with Meerlin taken care of last week the hermit's sidequest monsters are all functioning as they should in breeding.

Myrkrsormr has recieved new overworld sprites so expect him to be far less boundary breaking, we've put him on a diet :)

Have a great weekend tamers and thanks so much for your support!

EA v1.56
+New Gridag crossbreeds
+Improved Controller controls (particularly when using joysticks rather than d-pads)
+Improved framerate and performance
+Improved game loading process (may not be very noticeable on PC)
+Improved wild monster path finding
+Monster battle AI now considers synergy requirements (looking at you Gigadrile)
+More fluid camera movement
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