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The music never stops with the Realm Royale Bass Drop Bundle! The Bass Drop Bundle is now available in the in-game shop!

The Bass Drop Bundle includes:
  • Technomancer Mage Skin
  • Neon Booster Mount
  • Beat Boks Chicken Skin
  • Bass Drop Skydive
  • Boosted Animated Spray

Start the party with the Bass Drop Skydive, then start dropping beats - and enemies - as the Technomancer Mage. Ride into battle on the Neon Booster hoverbike mount, which is also featured in the Boosted animed spray! And If you lose a fight but aren't quite ready to face the music, you can attempt to escape your fate as the trendy Beat Boks chicken!

Get boosted today with the Bass Drop Bundle. Keep an eye out for rotational items in the Shop every week.
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