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An engineer who lost his fortune overnight decides to live in nature to build his village

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Hey guys, just wanted to briefly explain why I was inactive over the last 2 months.

This is still not the end of the updates. But, we will need to start to prepare for that stage if our financial situation doesn't get better.

I might start working on it from a hobby once I recover, financially, and physically as this project was one of my biggest successes and failure at the same time.

The long version:

Sadly game sales are not supporting the game development for a very very long time and we basically came to a situation where we don't have any money for going further. Over time I've accumulated too much debt to look this positive in future manure

Game development slowed down last 3 months because I was trying to find a way to earn some money on the side. Sadly that also didn't go through very well.

Sid said he would love to keep working on the project as well as me. This is something special for us and we would be the first who would love to see this thing done.

But, life is not so simple and we need money to eat and pay rent.

From all of these bad situations, stress, and not seeing a light on the end of the tunnel, I got pretty sick and had to take serious rest to get back.

If I'm being honest, the situation now is still not much better. @GameEdged made a video and gave the game some exposure which could give us another month to work on this. I don't know how much longer that will keep us alive. If there were more videos like this maybe things would get better. I really don't know anymore.

We did cut the cost to minimal so that maybe gives a bit more time. Sid will also probably need to do smth on the side so he can pay rent.

We gonna still keep working on the project. Probably make some kind of pool to see what would be a good time interval to keep updating it. I just can't tell for how much longer we will be able to keep like this if something doesn't change.
I need to admit I did a lot of mistakes in the process.
Everything I did was the best of me at that time and I learned things through the process.
I never did finish anything for game dev and everything was made from my pure love to this and games overall. When I started I wasn't even able to imagine how big this industry is and how much people need to make such a big project.

Environment Artist, Props Artist, Textures, Level Design, Storytelling, Sound design, Animation, Cinematics, UI, Graphics, Translations and much much more + I was doing all of this
Guys were doing code only + some small adjustments.

When I look back now, I would compare myself doing this game as a newbie that started a construction company and the next day started to do a 100 level skyscraper.

This would maybe even finish with success If I had just a little bit more experience at the start.

I just want to once again give a loud shout-out to all the good people that were with us from start. It was a hell of an experience to go through all this. From some kid who loved playing games to someone that's producing games for others. You made this period very special in my life and even if this doesn't go well for the next few months this will always have a really big part in my heart.

Who knows. Even if this fails. Maybe after few years, I try to make something new.

And on end. I need to say biggest thanks to Siddhante ❤️
He was here in the worst situation ever.
Went on my hand a dozen times. Waited for a paycheck for few months sometimes and generally supported this project from the ground up.

Forgot to mention Zyrom ❤️ which was probably one of the biggest support to me through all of this. He was always here for talk, testing, and generally making this whole story better. Thank you dude ❤️

And just to explain, no, he was never officially part of the team, we never asked him to do some things he did, and generally speaking, I feel like he was definitely a very big part of the team by his will.

I never understood what motivated you guys but thank you once again for it ❤️

I'm open to answering any questions should you guys have it!
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