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Hi guys!

It’s time to tell you more about the expedition that braves the world of WASP-21.

The expedition started from Earth in 2301 and reached its target, the Wasp-21 “Ariadne” system, in two years.

The expedition personnel consists of 4200 members. The fleet has 3 main expeditionary cruisers (each carries a few transports and 3 combat spacecraft units), 3 corvettes, and the commander’s ship.

Fleet Commander: Ingvar Loddon, Cavalier of the Black and Red Star.
Chief Engineer responsible for base deployment: Max Hoe.
Chief of Scientific Department and SLF Department: Eve Sil Eddin, plenipotentiary representative of the Association.
Military Special Squad Commander: Lodge Moore.

Goal: to deploy the base and the extraction systems, to construct the teleport, to organize delivery of cyrium to the Earth.

The expedition's structure

  • The space fleet: pilots, officers, ship mechanics, the logistics service, special military squad
  • The scientific department, the Search for Life Forms department
  • The engineering department (deployment, the teleport)
  • The colonists: cyrium miners, food/supporting production employees and base technicians, the requirements department (health professionals, educators, security guards, etc.)

Each of the main cruisers can found one base with a network of extraction stations, and also several outposts as required.
The first cruiser carries the teleportation equipment, which is intended to be used for sending the extracted gas to the Earth. Thus, the first base becomes the central one.

Special military squad

The special squad includes 80 military specialists and a separate staff of technicians and health professionals. All the fighters have real combat experience, including the Black and Red operation participants (suppression of a riot at several stations of the Solar System in 2288) and the “Cursed Jinan”.
The squad’s goal is to ensure safety of the expedition. The squad has instructions in case of an emergency situation, ship breakdown, riot, clashes with aggressive fauna, and also very general and nebulous instructions in case of encounter with an alien life form.

The manning chart supposes the division of the squad into 10 platoons, which include both stormtroopers and specialists in individual areas. Specialization of individual platoons is envisaged. At the same time, each platoon can perform any tasks in hand due to their vast experience, training, and equipment of the fighters.

For now we’re keeping next week’s topic a secret, but we promise that you won’t be dissappointed :)

In the meantime, you’re always welcome to hang out on our Discord[] server and chat with the dev team!

Official Discord server[]
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