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Hello everyone! Today, we’d like to share details about a few other improvements coming with the next patch. In addition to the list of bugs mentioned in our previous post, we’ve managed to narrow down and address a few more issues reported by the community including:
  • Character generation bug is fixed allowing you to get the desired look for your insomniac without extra hassle;
  • Somnic dogs can now be “deactivated” again;
  • The problem with the main menu buttons being inactive in full-screen mode on various 4K resolutions is no longer the issue;
  • NPCs don’t act weird anymore (previously, most of them were in standing position even when they were intended to be sited).
Please keep in mind that this list may still expand in the future since we are testing a number of additional fixes at the moment (including the false SteamVR initiation bug). We will keep you posted on our progress.

Space Exploration Sale

Steam has decided to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. In addition to commemorating the great event, those that missed the Summer Sale get a chance to nab cool space themed games at a discount. So here goes, insomniacs!

NOTE: the event will run until 10:00am PDT Monday July 22nd. Also, if you just happen to be a fan of the Warhammer universe, there might be something right up your alley provided by fellow devs.

P.S. a quick reminder: we are still running the game guide contest (which ends on July 31st), so don’t hesitate to submit your entries unless you want the author of our first guide to get all of the goodies, including a Steam key to two of INSOMNIA’s DLCs (Deluxe Set + OST) and any one game published by HeroCraft on Steam of his or her choosing.

Also, we just might give away a few free copies of one of the INSOMNIA’s DLC to a few lucky runner ups as well. Until next time!
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