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Hello everyone! Thanks to the Steam Summer Sale we are experiencing an increased interest for INSOMNIA. And while we are working on our next update for the game (it will add new free content and a bunch of fixes), we would like to pinpoint a workaround for a few issues that some of our players might have experienced with v1.5 so far:
  • Character generation bug: thanks to Nox, our loyal community member from the early days, we’ve got a handy tip that will help you avoid the above-mentioned issue if you ever happen to stumble upon it;

  • In-game font size issue: some insomniacs have reported that the font size on the incidental dialog became somewhat small and hard to read on bigger screens. So if this is something that happened to you as well, don’t hesitate to check out the following workaround suggested by Tolwrath and Ty Cobb;

  • The game renders extremely dark after loading a savegame: long story short — if you are having this bug, there just might be a solution for you (courtesy of Brimstone).

Also, there are a few more life hacks that might be useful to some of you as well:
  • Stereo 3D mode: if you know what this is or have no clue but want to try anyway, Bobisz has you covered!

  • Controller support: since this is one of the most popular questions we get now and then, here’s a link to the guide that will help you;

  • Freezes on AMD powered machines: this proved to be quite useful for v1.4 and below, however, in case any of you still find yourself in the situation mentioned above — you can always try this trick.
Game guide contest has been prolonged till the end of July

Since the Steam Summer Sale certainly kept most of our players busy, we’ve decided to give everyone some additional time to participate in the game guide contest we have announced previously.

The winner will get a Steam key to two of INSOMNIA’s DLCs (Deluxe Set + OST) and any one game published by HeroCraft on Steam of his or her choosing. Also, we just might give away a few free copies of one of the INSOMNIA’s DLC to a few lucky runner ups as well. So don’t hesitate to submit your entries!

For more details please address this news post. Submissions are accepted until July 31st. And let the best guide win!
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