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Hello everyone! One other thing we have been busy lately was fulfilling our Kickstarter commitments. KS backers have been an important factor in INSOMNIA actually getting made, so we wanted to set time aside and get the rewards out. This included sending out the surveys, collecting the data, printing shirts, posters, preparing the DRM-free CD-version of the game along with other pieces of INSOMNIA inspired merchandise. We will start shipping our first parcels as soon as everything is in place.

Since we’ve attracted a number of brand new insomniacs after the game has been released on Steam, we keep our doors open to the opportunity of introducing this Kickstarter-only memorabilia to a wider audience in the future, should there be a demand for it.

V1.6 update status

As we have mentioned in our previous update, the current release candidate has been tested by our QA department recently. And while we have a confirmation that the false SteamVR initiation bug is no longer a threat (we have used the actual VR set this time, whoa!), there are still a number of reported issues we would like to double-check before finally releasing v1.6 to the public. The next QA session is planned to start on August 26th which is the date when we expect to receive an updated build.

Other than that, we have lined up a list of 170 additional issues that are going to be addressed after v1.6 is released. These fixes should cover the remaining problems our community faced so far. Completing this version will be an important step towards Linux and Mac versions of the game along with any other possible additional content being released for INSOMNIA in the future.

Until next time!
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